Self-Publishing books in progress… two done and more to go….

Newest Published Book Cover.  Click here or on the above image for a link to purchase Spyhop ! Thank you!

It’s scary to share some of my innermost thoughts. Please forgive me for feeling the need to be vulnerable and push past the fears of rejection. Click here to purchase Liminality.

I love to write and create ways to tell true stories that help shift the way the world is perceived from the inside out.

This is a book I have started writing is may not be what you think it is...

Love VS Fear

The ultimate battle in life on earth is between love and fear. When we make choices based on love, life takes us very different places than when we make choices based on fear. In hindsight it's easy to see which emotion had most control over our actions. As I share my personal struggle with you I only hope it will help to ease your fears and assist with increasing your awareness of choosing to act in each moment based on the power and expansiveness of love.

Yes, this was a delivery across the Atlantic Ocean on very large, very fast, very awesome boat.

Across The Atlantic

Just imagine sailing from Panama to France on a 105' trimaran. An ultra fast racing machine doesn't leave much room for amenities like a bathroom... being the only female on a 6-person delivery crew and going off the transom while doing 30 knots is quite exhilarating. This book is not for the faint of heart.

Its not just another children's book... haven't you ever wondered about Slugs? What is it with these super slow slimy creatures, what is their purpose in life? Find out from Doug the Slug...

Doug the Slug

You're going to laugh at this one. 

Would you like a look into my inner world?

Are you sure?

Okay then, click the pic to link to my personal blog, it's kind of A-musing and confusing. I’m sorry to say but I really like word play and play with words bordering on the absurd.