America’s Best

Hey Runners, if you wear contacts and need a new exam I highly recommend America’s Best. My appointment was on time, quick and there were no catches or hidden fees. And the employees seem to be genuinely happy with their workplace. Yay! And I love owls!

Feeling the AFTERSHOKZ


These wireless music makers are fantastic! Talk about a revolution for running. If you wanna check out the manufacturer details for yourself click here.

These use BlueTooth and Bone Conduction technology to transfer the tunes while allowing you to hear everything else. Safety first right?

I used to run with earbuds in all the time but I stopped mostly for safety reasons. I honestly don’t think I could have survived training for my first marathon without music to keep me going. I signed up for the Bellingham Bay Marathon this year and was worried until I discovered these at Fairhaven Runners.

You can listen to whatever you like on your device but I really like using RockMyRun- it’s an app and if you don’t know about it check it out. Some DJ’s are better than others and some mixes are pure magic for pounding the miles into the pavement.

Back to the headphones. The battery lasts way longer than I expected and charges fully faster too. The sound quality is great but I’m not an expert or a snob either. The only downfall is comfort, they feel a little awkward over the ears and the way the back band hits my neck feels odd. Could just be the shape of me so other than that I think these Trek Titanium AFTERSHOKZ are BRILLIANT!

You can buy them online but I chose to buy local and picked up my pair from Fairhaven Runners. If you go into the store you can test em out first and see how they feel. They cost $100 and are worth every penny as far as I can tell. (I’ll have to write another review with an update about longevity in a year or so.)

The only other tip I have is pairing them with multiple devices can be tricky. You may have to forget them on one device first in order to pair them on another later.

Let me know what you like about them or if you have any questions drop them in the comments below.

Big Change


A lightbulb went off as I was signing up for the random drawing for a chance to register for the 2019 SeaWheeze Half Marathon tonight. I’ve been searching for directions to take this blog and you would think being psychic I would already know but that’s not how it works unfortunately. I can’t predict the future and some days I can’t even read my own energy. I do however have an open mind that picks up on a lot of subtlies that often go unnoticed and I have an intuitive ability for healthy living along with my love of running. I tend to take it for granted the lessons I’ve learned the hard way so here I can offer the wisdom I have gleaned from my years of becoming a better runner. I’ll update the main blog page too to explain more of what’s to come very soon. Thanks for following my blog!

Zazzle Dazzle

Photo by @MommaGoatPhotography

Tight design is called “Mountain Hooper”

And yes, I pet mossy trees.

Zazzle <Click for the link and then write a comment and tell me what you think. Please and Thank You!

I’ve been busy designing tights and other wearable art on the Zazzle site. What does this have to do with running or clairvoyance? Nothing other than it explains why I haven’t written a blog post here for awhile. Although you could wear the tights while running so it is kinda related.

Anyway, I just set-up MailChimp and I’m also trying to learn about marketing. Very few people even know that I exist and although I love to do all these things for myself I think it’s better to share. I’m working on putting myself and all of it out there.

I’ve still been running and thinking about all the topics I could write about related to running and clairvoyance but It would be nice if I had a audience to cater my writing to. It would motivate me to try harder and write better if I knew that sharing my perspective here could be helpful or at least enjoyable to some people other than myself.

I’ll continue to do it anyway but lets see how this attempt at marketing and sharing more goes.

Pain & Cedar


People amaze me, especially very athletic people and I love the energy of runners. Even though I don’t aspire to be an extreme athlete or an ultra runner, I very much admire them.

When I saw the facebook event called “Pine & Cedar Pain Cave 24-hour repeats challenge” hosted by Aspire Adventure Running I was inspired. I knew just one repeat would be a challenge for me and I wanted to go check out the scene.

Since it was on my schedule to get in a (longer than my normal distance) run today I headed to the trailhead.

I have hiked to Pine & Cedar many times before so I knew what kind of elevation gain (& pain) to expect by trying to run it. I huff and puff just walking the steep sections. On the way up the trail today I wished I could go back to when I was a teenager and warn my younger self that I was going to seriously regret smoking all those cigarettes. Thank goodness I quit when I did but I think it must still hold me back because my lungs can’t seem to keep up with my legs. Regardless, I just do the best I can with what I got and I’m happy for everyone else who is able to do so much more.

Bellingham has a great community of runners and I saw many friendly familiar faces on the trail today. One of my most inspiring athletic friends was on her 9th repeat going up while I was heading down from my one. She was aiming for 11 and I’m sure she’s got it done by now. I finished one up and back with an extra loop around Cedar lake at the top and my legs are happy to be resting on my desk while I write this blog post. I may have been able to do another repeat or two but then I probably wouldn’t have been able to walk tomorrow either.

Today is also the first day of the Fairhaven Runners & Walkers annual 30-day BINGO fitness challenge so I checked one box off today. “Push yourself out of your fitness comfort zone.”- Done. Seriously, if it weren’t for this event I honestly probably would never have even attempted to run this steep ass trail.

Happy End of 2018!


The year is almost over and I just finished re-creating a better version of the first book I had published a long time ago. This time I self-published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Is self-publishing the way to go? I don’t know but I currently think so, being that my first experience with a publishing company was frustrating to say the least.

How is this related to this blog you may be wondering? Honestly I’m trying to figure out how to explain it.

Eagle symbolism is a reminder that life often unfolds with divine timing. The time has come to soar high in the direction of our dreams.

Eagle symbolism is a reminder that life often unfolds with divine timing. The time has come to soar high in the direction of our dreams.

I love to write and I love to run so I thought combining the two would be fun.

There are a lot of ideas dancing around in my head and a lot of projects half finished in the art room and on the computer.

Running is a way to get clear on parts of life that often stress me out and help me move along with my projects or feelings of overwhelm.

The endorphins released while running also help to tame my insecurities so I can get past the feeling of whether or not my creative endeavors are “good enough” to put out there for the world to see.

In other words, running helps me see clearly and writing helps me remember that clarity while organizing my thoughts. It also holds me accountable to the choices I have decided to make when I put them in writing for others to see.

So please bear with me… my intentions are good and my motivation is high for actually achieving the dreams I have held since I was only a child. It has only taken me 35 years to get to this point where I believe it is actually possible to succeed. It is never too late.

Also I am extremely grateful to all the people who have given me feedback on my books and on my blog.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue on this path!


I took this photo at the Turkey Trot last year. I was a volunteer so I didn't run the course but took photos after my partner Mark and I handled the day of race registration duties early that morning. It was great to see such a great turn out but registration was chaotic with so many people who all seemed to show up at the same time wanting to run. I was grateful my partner volunteered his time even though he's not a runner. It was definitely worth dealing with the chaos as this GBRC event raises a lot of money for the Bellingham Food Bank which helps so many people especially at this time of year.

I also made a promo video for the event and just uploaded it to a new GBRC Vimeo site in higher quality. It's amazing how much I have changed since last year in my video editing skills. It's crazy how much different the amount of time I devote to running since I have been working as a Trailblazers coach and trail running with elementary school kid's 3 days a week with the YMCA's after school program.

It's also mind boggling to me to think about how much time I spend as a Volunteer for GBRC since I joined the board in the spring of last year. I started off as the social media person and official photographer which morphed into becoming Vice President at the beginning of 2018. Convinced VP was "just a title" the all volunteer board always takes on more individually than expected and I am grateful we are able to share the load of various tasks. It's stressful for all of us at times but worth the effort when we get great feedback from people who love to be members. Two more board meetings to go for this year with this great group of people doing it for the love of running and this community.

I can hardly believe 2018 is almost over and that its time for the Turkey Trot along with all the holiday festivities again. Looking back I need to give myself more credit for all that I have accomplished. I always wish I could do more and I wish I was better at updating my blog. I thought the long haired runner was a good idea for a name but now I wonder if I should change it.

Any opinions out there from anyone who may care?

Good Intentions

Well, I had good intentions but you know how life goes. I was going to title this post, “I Lied” because I didn’t post the full Awesome Australian Adventure log like I said I would. I didn’t really lie because I had intended to post it soon after I wrote that last post but… I didn’t. And then my phone was stolen- ripped right out of my hands by a young man with a gun on a trail in Colombia- and I hadn’t backed up my data so I lost it. The whole journal log of my A.A.A. gone in a flash along with a lot of stuff that I will never get back.

This photo was taken on the day it happened before it happened on the way to Parque Arvi. Photo by Kamala Chambers

This photo was taken on the day it happened before it happened on the way to Parque Arvi. Photo by Kamala Chambers

I learned a lot about my dependence on my pocket sized super computer called an iPhone and I also learned a lot about dealing with shock and trauma. My trust in humanity was shaken by a single human being who looked me in the eyes while demanding in Spanish that my Mom and I hand over our valuables. All of my years of experience were deemed almost useless in a flash just because he was holding a gun. A gun which in hindsight I still don’t have a healthy level of respect for. I thought I was okay after it happened but again with hindsight I recognize my symptoms of PTSD still appearing.

I haven’t been writing because I’m still kinda traumatized by losing so much of the things I had written and had thought they were safe. I haven’t been running much and the last time I ran by myself I carried pepper spray with me though I know that wouldn’t help much either if someone had a gun. I’ve been in this sort of daze with my life since it happened. I definitely have a strong will to live but I’m still questioning why it happened and why shit happens in general in life. I’m so incredibly grateful that neither of us were hurt at all and I know the situation could have been much much worse. But still….

I’m shaken. It happened exactly 33 days ago today and I think I should be over it but I’m not. I’m embarrassed to talk about it but I’m not sure why. I want to hide the fact that I’m not as strong as I thought I was, I’m not as resilient as I want to be. I know I have to get past this which is why I’m writing and why I’m going to post this blog post anyway. At least I don’t have many people who will read this anyway and the ones who do know already. But still… I have good intentions. And I had good intentions from the get-go but you know how life goes…

Full AAA Log Coming Soon

It's not public yet but I kept a log from the entire Awesome Australian Adventure and will be posting it here soon. Yay!


Who took this photo? Can you tell there were multiple cameras pointed at us and we didn't know which one to look at? Pre-race picture with Holly, Me, Wendy and Miyuki!

Who took this photo? Can you tell there were multiple cameras pointed at us and we didn't know which one to look at? Pre-race picture with Holly, Me, Wendy and Miyuki!

The Blue Fish Wall

Day 2- July 18th


The Blue Fish Wall



I just crossed through a hole in the wall from one magical view to the next. The rock I sit upon sparkles with a mixture of minerals sandstone and white quartz pebbles imbedded in the weather worn surface. The Pacific Ocean stretches out beyond the horizon directly beneath the early morning sun as the waves make music where they meet the rugged coastline down below the cliff I’m sitting on. The exotic birds sing and dance ecstatically around the gnarly bushes trees and rocks surrounding me. Down toward my left the sounds of Manly beach waking up on this Wednesday morning. My stomach requests that I head toward civilization soon because this mornings coffee, matcha mate tea with Manuka Honey and passion fruit has burned off on my walk here. I could stay here all day if it weren’t for the rumble in my stomach and the desire to explore more. Having this rocky ledge all to myself with only flora and fauna is  incredible being so close to a bustling city. It seems surreal... as if I’m in a dream yet what’s even stranger is that I am awake here and now soaking it all in. Praying that my right knee continues to feel better as I walk off the energy block that’s causing some pain. The power of mindfulness and the bodies ability to heal. I am doing my best to trust that I will be able to run by Saturday without pain and complete the half marathon and I know I must do my part for that. Even though my spirit is full and my heart is about to burst with love I understand that I live in a physical world with a physical body that has physical needs like food, water and sleep so I must be on my way. Thankful for all the people who make this world such a wonderful place where kombucha, nutrition and safety is readily available. I love this life that is this crazy grand adventure.


The Day Before

LHR By the sea.jpg

Today is the day before I leave for Australia... I'm not packed yet and I'm about to head out and go paddle-boarding on Lake Whatcom with my Mom. It's supposed to be another hot day and I want to squeeze in all I can before I go away for two weeks.

I plan to travel minimalistically on this trip which is a big challenge for me so I keep going over in my head what the bare essentials should be. Pocket sized super-computer (iPhone), wallet, passport, camera, contact solution, toothbrush, hula hoop and running shoes. Isn't that all I really need? It's not that easy... I'll be pairing it up and down all day in my mind I'm sure. I probably should squeeze in a run today too.

Hard Lessons

Sunset off the coast of Northern California.

Sunset off the coast of Northern California.

I finally was able to run last Tuesday after eventually recovering from learning some very important life lessons the hard way. A few weeks without running and my mood was getting dark, seriously.

It's hard to run when you leave home without running shoes for one. That was just one of the many mistakes I made on this last trip but I'll spare you the details of that here- you can read it in my book later. I've told the story enough times recently to refine the way I want to write it so for now let's just say running is super important in my life, it's right up there with the one thing I need most of all- sleep.

It's amazing how we can take so many things for granted until we don't have them any more. I didn't really realize how important sleep is to some very basic functions in life, especially when under stress and without the option to run off the fight or flight adrenalin. There's not really time for me to get into the details today either but it's been too long since I've created a blog post so I had to write something.

Just a quick update, I'm doing the recreational division Padden Triathlon tomorrow. Then all my energy is going to be refocused on training for the half Marathon coming up on July 22nd in Australia. A lot is on the calendar between now and when I fly out on July 15th so time is limited but I will try to write more. I'll be instructing Youth Keelboat sailing at the Bellingham Yacht Club for the next few weeks which will possibly give me more good reasons to make sure I take time to run to de-stress.

You'd think that being on the water is relaxing but I can assure you that depending on the conditions it can be very physically, mentally and emotionally taxing, especially when you're the most (and possibly the only) experienced person onboard. I wouldn't have thought that experience would give me the kind of background to know that sometimes no matter how cautious and careful you are the unexpected can happen. It's the unexpected that gives me anxiety and I will continue to play it as safe as I possibly can. Getting enough sleep will be a main ingredient in the upcoming weeks.

Procrastination Station

maple loop

The name for this title just popped into my head so I googled it and there is an Organic Coffee shop at the University of Massachusetts called the Procrastination Station. What a great name for a cafe! However it's not such a great concept in the context I'm referring to... writing. I love to write but this blog post feels like it's been a long time coming... I've been seriously procrastinating. Even typing this first paragraph has been full of distractions prolonging the completion of a few sentences. Why?

I'm extremely thankful for all of the help I have received lately in a lot of different ways and I'm not sure how to fully express my gratitude. There are so many people who have encouraged me and are helping me to achieve my goals I don't even know where to begin. I suppose if I'm honest I have to say that I'm struggling with feeling worthy of it all. I appreciate it so much and I want to give back in all the ways that I can. Self-confidence is a real struggle and I'm afraid I still worry a little too much what people think. In my mind I fight with a perfectionist who is never really satisfied but I trudge forward and do the best I can. It's similar with running.

I call myself a runner but sometimes I feel like a fraud for no logical reason. Maybe it's because someone once told me that I would never be a runner and it stuck somewhere in my mental tissue. For some reason I believed that I would never be able to call myself a runner even though I run. I started off just trying to go a mile, then I tried to get my mile down to under 10 minutes and the journey continues even after reaching my goal of running a full marathon five years ago and running since then. Sometimes I wonder if I could even run a full marathon again.  

Of course part of me wants to believe I can do anything I put my mind and heart into, but part of me gets stuck on the what if and why and how mixed with voices of doubt from the past. My intentions are good, honestly and isn't that good enough?

I believe that anyone who runs, no matter what pace or distance should proudly be able to call themselves runners. Why am I the exception? I believe everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, that people are inherently good and that life is supposed to be fun for everyone so why am I still so hard on myself? These are the tough questions I aim to answer but at the same time they're the reason I hang out in a virtual procrastination station avoiding dealing with the feelings of unworthiness I've tried to push away.

Well, there it is, I said it. Now you know the struggle is real. I'm working on it and I only hope by exposing my vulnerable side here it may help someone else. It's really hard to accurately judge a book by it's cover or a person by how they appear, we all deal with fear on a daily basis and I just hope it doesn't prevent any of us from doing what we love. 

And I do love to run. So THANK YOU for all of your support and thanks to everyone who has believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself. I appreciate it more than you'll probably ever know and I feel very blessed to know so many amazing humans.

Syncing Feeling

Imagine Final 2 color.jpg

I feel like its important to have everything synced up however I am not the most organized person so this is another challenge for me to overcome. My goal is to be able to post on the long haired runner blog and have it link/sync to the matching Facebook Page at the same time.

So far I have a few posts here and a few posts there as well as some other posts elsewhere so please bear with me while I get this all sorted out. Hopefully I'll gain clarity on one of my long runs on how best to achieve this overall blog synchronicity. Long runs always seem to be good for sorting things out in my head.

Binge Eating Cookies

GF cookies.jpg

I made a batch of Gluten free cookies today and I already ate eight of them (they're not small either). I don't make cookies very often and I certainly don't normally gorge myself on them. After 4 days in a row of running I'm sure I was just making up for lost calories. After long runs I usually get pretty hungry but I don't normally run every day even when I'm training for a race. My reason for running this much is a good one though.

I started on Monday working for the YMCA as a Trailblazers coach. Trailblazers is an after school program that was created by Jen Gallant for the YMCA after being involved with the Girls on the Run and having parents ask her for a similar program where boys could run too. Trailblazers is a great co-ed program that is less structured than Girls on the run and gets the kid's out trail running during the week. I first heard about it through the Greater Bellingham Running Club who is a big supporter of the program but I didn't really know much about it until I heard they were looking for extra help since it's become so popular so fast.

It's a different group of kids from several schools each day, the coaches drive the big Y vans to gather the young runners and we all meet at one of the local parks. This last week we went to Lake Padden and ran almost 3 miles every day on the back horse trails. Thursday it was absolutely pouring down rain but the kids were troopers and kept big smiles on their wet faces. I was drenched and cold afterward but still happy that I was out running in weather where I would have normally stayed home. (That probably added to my calorie deficit too- burning fuel to stay warm.) Thanks to the cookies I'm going to have plenty of fuel to burn for my long training run this weekend.

And then starting on Monday I get to run every day of the week again with some great kid's who hopefully will continue to enjoy running for the rest of their lives. I often wish I had learned to love running when I was much younger and I hope to inspire these young people to keep going with it. The health benefits are endless and it's a bonus to be able to eat a little extra without much concern. I wonder what trails are on the agenda for next week... there are so many beautiful options and the weather is just going to keep getting warmer. Yay!

This is the perfect part time job for me. Not only do I get to earn a little extra money for my Australia trip, I get to share my love of trail running with some amazing human beings (coaches included) while making sure the kids are safe, happy and healthy while out on the trails. It's an extra bonus to have multiple good reasons to get out and run everyday, rain or shine. I'm thankful for this opportunity and look forward to more adventures as we blaze the local trails this spring.


GBRC Gazette Article


If you have been following my blog I think I said I would share my write-up for the Padden Mudfest. Here it is released as a special preview before the full March 2018 edition of GBRC gazette even goes out (because I spent the day writing and now it's time to get the cottage pie ready for dinner): 

Padden Mudfest Trail Running

The morning of the race the sun broke thru the gray skies as runners anticipated the mud bath that was to come with this magical run. However, this year was not nearly as cold nor as muddy as the previous year but the trails were as beautiful as usual. Familiar and new faces were abundant as member volunteers were busy making sure everything was ready to go as they attended to the usual day-of-race duties. 

Race director Tjalling Ypma was in fine form after making sure the course was well marked and was interviewed by Leo Schumaker was also present to capture the whole Mudfest racing scene. If you haven’t seen it on facebook already you can view the 2018 Padden Mudfest video on his youtube channel, Leo’s Running and Racing. 

I was there to run and take pictures so I had high hopes that my favorite mud puddle from last year was going to be in the same state of wetness. I passed the muckiest spot on the ridge thinking I would find a better place to stop and take some mud action photos only to find a totally dry trail where my puddle was supposed to be. 

I hadn’t run this race for a couple years and I guess I forgot those minor (major) elevation details. I’m pretty sure some of those hills went straight to my head which put me in keep-moving-forward mode. Before I knew it I was at the finish line, pulsing with those fabulous running endorphins. It still felt like winter for sure so the post race cooling occurred rapidly and I raced for the down jacket I had stashed in my car after crossing the finish line. I don’t know about you but I’m excited that the warmth of spring is almost here.

Thats it! Thanks for following my blog- stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Super Excited!


I'm super excited and there is so much to do! I meant to write something after the Padden Mudfest but time is moving so fast, if only I could run as fast as time flies these days. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I have been doing a bit of writing for the GBRC Gazette- Greater Bellingham Running Club's monthly newsletter. There is another issue about to be published and I promise there will be a little write-up for the not too muddy Mudfest that just happened somewhere in there.

For now I just wanted to say thank you for following my blog, I hope to create much more inspiring content as I work towards the big adventure in Australia coming up in July. My Facebook fundraiser was just approved and I'm grateful for all the help I can get along my journey. I'll be running for love, running for peace, running for health and happiness. Heck, I'll even be running for you if you don't want to run yourself.

Happy Friday!


Lake Padden

I love Lake Padden and I'm totally excited for Greater Bellingham Running Club's annual Padden Mudfest tomorrow! I'll have some photos and a write up here for sure. Let's see how muddy I can get. 

This image is from my run a couple days ago and the sky was absolutely stunning so I had to attempt to capture it. I threw myself into the image for perspective and to further illustrate why I'm calling this blog The Long Haired Runner!

This image is from my run a couple days ago and the sky was absolutely stunning so I had to attempt to capture it. I threw myself into the image for perspective and to further illustrate why I'm calling this blog The Long Haired Runner!