Feeling the AFTERSHOKZ


These wireless music makers are fantastic! Talk about a revolution for running. If you wanna check out the manufacturer details for yourself click here.

These use BlueTooth and Bone Conduction technology to transfer the tunes while allowing you to hear everything else. Safety first right?

I used to run with earbuds in all the time but I stopped mostly for safety reasons. I honestly don’t think I could have survived training for my first marathon without music to keep me going. I signed up for the Bellingham Bay Marathon this year and was worried until I discovered these at Fairhaven Runners.

You can listen to whatever you like on your device but I really like using RockMyRun- it’s an app and if you don’t know about it check it out. Some DJ’s are better than others and some mixes are pure magic for pounding the miles into the pavement.

Back to the headphones. The battery lasts way longer than I expected and charges fully faster too. The sound quality is great but I’m not an expert or a snob either. The only downfall is comfort, they feel a little awkward over the ears and the way the back band hits my neck feels odd. Could just be the shape of me so other than that I think these Trek Titanium AFTERSHOKZ are BRILLIANT!

You can buy them online but I chose to buy local and picked up my pair from Fairhaven Runners. If you go into the store you can test em out first and see how they feel. They cost $100 and are worth every penny as far as I can tell. (I’ll have to write another review with an update about longevity in a year or so.)

The only other tip I have is pairing them with multiple devices can be tricky. You may have to forget them on one device first in order to pair them on another later.

Let me know what you like about them or if you have any questions drop them in the comments below.