Zazzle Dazzle

Photo by @MommaGoatPhotography

Tight design is called “Mountain Hooper”

And yes, I pet mossy trees.

Zazzle <Click for the link and then write a comment and tell me what you think. Please and Thank You!

I’ve been busy designing tights and other wearable art on the Zazzle site. What does this have to do with running or clairvoyance? Nothing other than it explains why I haven’t written a blog post here for awhile. Although you could wear the tights while running so it is kinda related.

Anyway, I just set-up MailChimp and I’m also trying to learn about marketing. Very few people even know that I exist and although I love to do all these things for myself I think it’s better to share. I’m working on putting myself and all of it out there.

I’ve still been running and thinking about all the topics I could write about related to running and clairvoyance but It would be nice if I had a audience to cater my writing to. It would motivate me to try harder and write better if I knew that sharing my perspective here could be helpful or at least enjoyable to some people other than myself.

I’ll continue to do it anyway but lets see how this attempt at marketing and sharing more goes.