I took this photo at the Turkey Trot last year. I was a volunteer so I didn't run the course but took photos after my partner Mark and I handled the day of race registration duties early that morning. It was great to see such a great turn out but registration was chaotic with so many people who all seemed to show up at the same time wanting to run. I was grateful my partner volunteered his time even though he's not a runner. It was definitely worth dealing with the chaos as this GBRC event raises a lot of money for the Bellingham Food Bank which helps so many people especially at this time of year.

I also made a promo video for the event and just uploaded it to a new GBRC Vimeo site in higher quality. It's amazing how much I have changed since last year in my video editing skills. It's crazy how much different the amount of time I devote to running since I have been working as a Trailblazers coach and trail running with elementary school kid's 3 days a week with the YMCA's after school program.

It's also mind boggling to me to think about how much time I spend as a Volunteer for GBRC since I joined the board in the spring of last year. I started off as the social media person and official photographer which morphed into becoming Vice President at the beginning of 2018. Convinced VP was "just a title" the all volunteer board always takes on more individually than expected and I am grateful we are able to share the load of various tasks. It's stressful for all of us at times but worth the effort when we get great feedback from people who love to be members. Two more board meetings to go for this year with this great group of people doing it for the love of running and this community.

I can hardly believe 2018 is almost over and that its time for the Turkey Trot along with all the holiday festivities again. Looking back I need to give myself more credit for all that I have accomplished. I always wish I could do more and I wish I was better at updating my blog. I thought the long haired runner was a good idea for a name but now I wonder if I should change it.

Any opinions out there from anyone who may care?