Back on the Mac

Look at the pure Joy in her face! That's what I love most about Hoop Dancing. Image taken tonight at the Center for Mindful use, Hoop Dance every Thursday at 5:55pm.

Look at the pure Joy in her face! That's what I love most about Hoop Dancing. Image taken tonight at the Center for Mindful use, Hoop Dance every Thursday at 5:55pm.

I've been posting from my phone which is why there haven't been any photos with my posts. I still can't figure out how to get it to work. I also took photos with my old iphone5 tonight and just realized it doesn't know how to airdrop. I use airdrop all the time, I love that someone invented something that moves things thru thin air. The little things in this life can be so mind-boggling, who on earth came up with that idea and then who made it happen as well as available for all of us to use. Whoever you are, THANK YOU!

Now time to go to bed... it's been another busy, productive and fun day. 

Blue Moon

It happens once in a blue moon... so they say. I lost my solid writing streak today. It’s after midnight and for some reason I thought I wrote a blog post but decided to check just now to discover that I didn’t. Where was my mind? Eclipsed by the energies of subtlety and distracted by future possibilities.

Yes, I have had many levels of awareness and stages of attention. It’s late and I need to be asleep. How could I miss it? I wrote it in my head... this morning I suppose. It was about waking up after dreaming that I woke up in the dream explaining that I was snuggling with an elephant. Such deep love and understanding I felt with this massive creature who could have crushed me with the weight of one leg but it the dream it was so real, so amazing the awareness of this animal who was my friend and slept next to me.

The lines are blurry between dreams and waking life at times I have to admit. My conscious logical brain knows the difference but my heart can’t tell. The emotions feel so real. Dreaming awake with awareness or asleep and dreaming subconsciously. Truly amazing to me how this life works.

The fact that we don’t really know how it works. The infinite mystery that won’t ever be put into words as we know them. Glimpses are fleeting feelings of Grand magnificence. We are magical mysterious beings who often take so much for granted. We disconnect, distract, derail, desensitized to the wonders of our potential. Once in a blue moon, eclipsed.

Crazy 8’s

I’ve been seeing 8888 and all kinds of repeating 8’s. According to some numerology and angel number  experts seeing 8’s is an auspicious sign of complete financial support from the universe. I really hope that’s true. I’m doing my best not to focus on the physical so much and keep the faith that it will work out somehow. It seems I have ambitious goals for this lifetime and I will gratefully take all the help I can get. I really just want to help the world be a happier healthier place. 

Pitch Perfect

I’m not perfect but there are a couple pitches I’ve been working on. One is my book, Love vs Fear so I’m telling more people about it and every time they ask what it’s about my response gets refined. It’s making more and more sense why I’m working on this book and why I want to share it with the world with every interaction. 

The other pitch is vocal, we had a rehearsal for the upcoming show today. I love making music but what I love more is the singing and dancing that goes along with it. It was so much fun to harmonize with everyone and I’m so excited to perform again on Friday. I want to do more of this and get better at it. Practice makes perfect and what’s better than practicing things you love to do? Ah, life, such a strangely beautiful thing. 

BE in the Show

Bellingham’s got talent is a theme that was continued today. The Dance Studio presented it’s 3rd annual show at the Mount Baker Theatre. Anyone could audition to BE in the Show. It was quite impressive the amount and variety of dancers and musicians not to mention the trapeze artist and the led juggling. For $5 a ticket it was a fun show to watch Indeed. I love it that so many people chose to share some of what they love on stage for all of us to watch. It’s been an unusual but great of weekend getting out on the town. 


Mark and I went to the Bellingham Theatre Guild tonight to see “My Three Angels” and we were pleasantly entertained. It was kind of on a whim for us to go out anyway and it happened to be opening night for the play. The set was lovely, the people acting were talented and the plot was humorous. I was a little reluctant to go back to the theatre after the last experience over a year ago but now I’m looking forward to going again. Bellingham’s got talent! Even more reasons to Love my hometown. 

Roots and Foots


Can you see the roots for the trees, the feet below my knees, the sky so high, the rain so wet, I bet you can almost smell, the moss laden forest, the ferns drenched in rain, hear the creek as it rushes over the stones.

Forest Bathing today was was lovely as my Momma and I wandered along the Evergreen Trail in Rockport State Park. I have to be honest, if it weren't for her I probably would have been extremely lazy today after getting my ass kicked in another Barre3 Class yesterday.

It felt good to get out and walk in the woods in the rain. I made sure to breathe deeply and mindfully. I even brought my sturdy purple hoop which came in a handy for support a couple times navigating over logs with my sore muscles. It also helped keep me warm as the hooping motion on wide sections of the trail ignited my core fire. 

The forest in this park is quite magical as it is rich with diverse life beneath the giant trees. It sits below Sauk Mountain which is another one of my favorite hikes to do in the summertime. It was fun to explore today and the discovery center was kinda cool too.

Taxidermy is one of those subjects I have mixed feelings about. I have to admit that seeing a real preserved Wolverine up close and personal today was awe-inspiring. It was certainly something to appreciate since almost no one ever sees them alive out in the wild. They are beautiful and elusive as well as apparently bad-ass animals. It was worth a quick look before hopping in the car to head home. I'm sure the Ranger was happy to have a couple visitors on such a rainy day too even if it was very brief.

I'm so Thankful I was able to get out today and explore. There are so many cool places that are really easy to just drive by and never check out.  There are also so many times when I'm tempted to be lazy and I'm so thankful that I not only push past it but that I have good friends and motivators to help me get outside.

Art Critic

Hoop Dancer.jpg

I love art in all of it's many forms and I love to create it too. I think I've finally figured out how to ignore my inner critic that says it's not good enough and share my creations anyway.

I learned the hard way that it's best to do things sheerly for the love of doing them. I'm creating art because I feel driven to create and I'm sharing my creations with the hope that it will inspire other people to be able to do the same no matter what their inner Art critic may have to say.

Why is it that so many of us are so critical of ourselves?

It's time to turn off that voice in our heads that talks down to us. There is so much beauty in the world and the beauty is in the imperfections. Nobody is perfect in the sense that most of us think of the word. We are all works in progress and that is part of the reason why we are alive. To experience the process of creation in a myriad of ways.

We are imperfectly perfect, consistently inconsistent human beings who are here to express ourselves from our hearts. We are here to learn about love and connection in a seemingly disconnected environment. Art connects us across time and space, just like dance which is a movement art, there are no boundaries or language barriers, its pure perception, creation and expression.  Free yourself from that voice that has been hindering you and create whatever it is that your heart desires.

Do it for the love of it, do it for yourself and you may learn to love yourself more in the process. You are beautiful and unique, there is no one else out there like you. So celebrate your gifts however they may express themselves through you and share them with the world.