As I fall asleep tonight I will be saying many prayers, one of which I believe may be vital to the future I wish to create. I’ve already asked the powers that Be to help me believe it so I can see it. I pray for an olive branch, a big sign to inspire to me to keep writing, a clear pathway to illuminate this spiritual mission I’ve embarked upon in this life time.  All I need to see is the next few steps, I’ve been waiting, trying not to hold my breath. Tomorrow is the day HayHouse will announce the chosen ones for the Maui writers workshop and I pray I am one. 

Part of my loyal and creative nature loves inspiration that comes from helping people. I find the most joy in doing endevours that use my natural talents knowing they will directly benefit other people. I enjoy my independence and just being me as well so please understand I’m not looking to be a people pleaser or searching for validation. I seek to truly help in ways that come naturally to me, like writing, to benefit a greater cause or give me a direction to channel my creative efforts. I admit it, I need help too.

I’m doing my best, however the fear is lurking near and  potential disappointment is begging for me to give it some attention. I’d love to say I’ve mastered my mind but I’m scared to find out if my dreams are about to come true or not. It’s a rollercoaster of mixed emotions and I’m doing my best to ride the waves and pray that my wishes are fullfilled.