Snowed In

At the crack of dawn I started hearing a tink-tink-tink-tink against the side of this tiny tin cabin. I rolled over and went back to sleep figuring it would pass. As the light increased I awoke to the same sound and wondered if it was what I thought. Sure enough but much more than I thought it was, it was about 7 inches of snow. 

Clallam River 2017

What? We are sitting at sea level in a tiny coastal town called Clallam bay. It’s not supposed to snow here, I thought. However when I checked the forecast last night it was predicting snow but it wasn’t supposed to start until 4pm this afternoon. We were planning on leaving first thing this morning but the Prius probably wouldn’t make it out the driveway yet. Funny how plans can change so quickly.

We originally wanted to take a low budget Camping trip out to the coast for a little getaway with some serious beach time. Since we have the Prius and it gets such great gas mileage a roadtrip seemed like a good idea. Then we thought about the fact that it’s almost the winter Solstice and it rains a lot this time of year. We still wanted to getaway but we didn’t want to suffer for it either. After a little searching we found a place to stay on Air BnB... the price and location was almost perfect. It was more than the cost of Camping but totally worth every penny. I keep thinking about how miserable we would have been trying to camp in this weather. Not only that, this place is incredibly adorable.

If you’ve ever fantasized about having a tiny home or living in a small coastal community (or even if you haven’t) I’d totally recommend giving this place a try next time you need an escape. This place, appropriately named the “tiny tin cabin” is not only in a sweet location for total access to some amazing places it’s a cozy & comfortable safe haven from the elements. I’m sure it’s even more fabulous in the summertime. Even better the owner feels like a friend already even though I’ve never met her.

We talked on the phone this morning and she said we could stay if we needed to. Fortunately the snow turned to rain shortly after we spoke and so far we’ve seen a snowplow going north, so as soon it passes here on the way back we should be able to head home.

We’re grateful to have to option of staying for safety’s sake. It gave me the chance to practice my french and write my daily blog post too. It really is a lovely spot and I could stay here a lot longer if it wasn’t for all the work I have to do back home amongst our other responsibilities. It’s been a great getaway and being snowed in this morning sure has made for a good twist to the story.