Pitching again

Just finished my 50th daily French lesson on DuoLingo after making a huge to-do list and crossing off a bunch of tasks. My mind is all over the place this morning yet I am getting shit done. Somehow.


I was thinking this morning about Love during all of my multi tasking and wanted to write a blog post about this powerful emotion that I was feeling in a subtle way I wasn't sure I could put into a logical explanation. I thought I would try another Pixar pitch format just for fun and tell my abstract concept as a story of sorts. Of course practice makes perfect even though I don't like doing things repetitively.  Hence it's not really a pitch for my book either. 

Anyway, I was thinking about how we have such capacity for deep unconditional love that feels so wonderful when we allow it to overcome us. Oftentimes we let the details get in the way of really feeling it and all it takes is a matter of a shift in perspective to bring that feeling back. Here it goes.

Once upon a time there was only one love, a magnificent force that encompassed the entire void of space without time.
Every day was the same, there were no days, no thoughts, no nothing but pure love and perfection existing in timelessness.
One day this one love had one thought that split eternity into time.
Because of that the universe as we know it was created in that moment.
Because of that absolutely everything is intricately connected and ultimately is the same one love that started the whole illusion of separateness that has created endless adventures in time and space wrought with pain and suffering because of not knowing this one love.
Until finally one day all of the parts of that one love realized itself again within each being, each creation from the moment of that first thought came to understand the brilliance of the self-imposed illusion of separation for unending adventures that could be created with just one thought and once again, the universe as we know it will never the same.

Why be afraid anymore when we know we are all ultimately that one love, that we chose this time and space for adventuring and knowing our infinite selves in infinite ways. It started with one, then another one made two, then those two made two and became four, then those four when on to create even more. Simple multiplication really. Oh the abstract concepts of complicated math makes my head spin like the contemplation of the meaning behind what I am trying to say with a brain that is limited by my limited beliefs about the nature of reality. Whew. Okay, back to my task list. Never a dull moment in the inner world of Joy Love.

Infinite possibilities locked within finite bodies, timeless spirits locked in time.

Fascinating and mind boggling.