62 days


Straight. Practicing French and writing a blog post every single day. I almost forgot today. How long do they say it takes to create a new habit?

I keep thinking about things I forgot to add into my Love vs Fear book proposal. I keep crossing tasks off my to do list. Time keeps flying by so fast. 

I realized too today when renewing my ElevenNW domain that I had bought I AylaJoyLove.com. Last time I looked at domain names it was taken, haha, by me. Too funny.

Thats all for now. Goodnight. 


Under my umbrella

Hula hoops are totally terpsichorean. As I writer I have the Merriam-Webster app and sometimes I check the word of the day. I love words so learning new ones is kinda fun, like this one from today, coming from terpsis  choros which is Greek to me as it (almost literally) translates to enjoyment of dancing. Therefore it’s perfect for relating to Hoop dancing which I also 💕love 💕 . 

I’ve always been pretty shy especially when it comes to dancing. For some reason having a hula hoop to dance with is like having some sort of magical power. My fear just disappears (mostly) so I can let go and enjoy the freedom of dancing. And I mean more than just dancing when nobody’s watching and I’m all alone. I actually feel encouraged by the whole amazing hooping community to share the beauty of the dance. Embracing the sheer enjoyment of being alive by movement with the body and these simple yet sacred circles. Totally Terpsichorean, Totally Awesome. 

Whoever you are and whatever you do, make sure to remember to enjoy the dance of your life in whatever ways you love the most.

Happy Dancing!