Life on Earth... quite the adventure. And Mike Dooley has written a book about it. I first found out about Hay House publishing from my favorite Author Pam Grout and ever since I gave my e-mail address to Hay House my inbox has had a steady stream of new books and authors reaching out for my attention. I love to read and just this morning I took the bait and purchased Mister Dooley's newest book partially for the bonus's promised in the newsletter. Then I joined the private Facebook group immediately and asked a question which he promptly answered during the live web feed on ZOOM this afternoon. Now I'm thankful I have Amazon prime because the book will be here in two days and I can hardly wait to start reading it. Needless to say, I'm impressed so far with the transparency and authenticity oozing from this human being who is sharing himself with all of us. We are all in this together and it's helpful to know there are like-minded individuals who exist in this vast and wild world we live in. I'll keep you posted on the book with a full review after I finish reading it. I love to share. :)  And Thank you for reading this.