The Truth

What is the truth? The truth is that it's complicated. 


Where do I even begin to tell the whole truth? Part of the reason I am writing this book, "Love versus Fear" is to get the truth out there. Not only the facts of this life story I have to share but the beliefs that have shaped my reality along the way. It's complicated to explain how everything has taken place, if I look at it one way I feel guilty, if I look at it another way I feel justified. There are just a lot of facets to the truth so depending on how you look at the facts it can be perceived in so many different ways.

I may believe I am telling the truth but in actuality I am telling it from my perspective which is skewed by my personal observations of others along with my personal experience. I understand that my truth may not be the same as someone else because of this. I did not lie but I did withhold some information that would have changed the feelings and outcomes during certain situations in my life. I kept the truth to myself because explaining certain facts would have probably caused a lot more problems during an already difficult situation. I did what I felt I had to and some may consider what I did to be a lie. That is one of my greatest fears because there is nothing I despise more than lies. 

I do my best to be honest because I want the same in return. However the truth can really hurt, especially when the reason behind the truth is not malicious even if it may be perceived that way. It was important for me to keep some of the facts to myself until the time was right, until time had healed some wounds in all of the people who were involved. Until hindsight was available for a better perspective of the whole situation. I never wanted to hurt anyone, I never wanted to hurt myself and I know that it all hurt a whole lot. I know that it still hurts and for that I am sorry. I wish I could heal the past but I can only offer healing in the present by telling the truth now because the future has yet to be determined.