Well... Played

Or played out? Actually it was an audition tonight to be in a play. What on earth am I thinking? I have so much stuff to do already. What if they give me a part? Acting is something I've always wanted to explore and auditioning was fun but my to-do list is long enough. Especially when I get that book contract from HayHouse in 4 days. (Fingers still crossed) I suppose I just focus on how much I love doing all the things I'm doing instead of being afraid that I won't have enough time for it all. Time is on my side.... oh yes it is... sorry song again. Life is still a musical in my head.

I'm almost done with all of the lesson categories in the Duolingo French app so maybe that will free up some time... end that streak and start a new one? I've been thinking about setting aside time every day to finish writing my books instead of blogging too. I"m almost done with the tree portal mural and other projects are well along. I just gotta stay focused on the love and keep moving forward, one day at a time.  I am thankful. So thankful for my life.

Just dreaming of that high mountain air again... spring is coming soon. 

Just dreaming of that high mountain air again... spring is coming soon. 

$20 bill


I'm still disturbed by the fact that I heard something fall out of my pocket this evening and didn't check to see what it was. I'm bothered by my lack of ability to respond properly when this situation occurred. A sweet boy came up holding a $20 bill and told me he found it under the chairs where we were just sitting. I checked my pocket remembering the sound I heard as it hit the ground and recalling how I had stuffed it there the day before after my friend Kay bought a hula hoop from me. I checked my wallet to make sure I hadn't put it away but forgotten. I took the $20 from him and was grateful but honestly I can't remember if I said thank you. I was too busy checking to make sure it was actually mine though I already knew that it was. I was shocked honestly and thrown off my ability to respond. Afterwards I thought maybe I should have just let him keep it as a Thank you for being honest. Either way, I am grateful he returned my lost $20 bill to me. Just another reminder to stay present in the moment, I think my mind was somewhere else or I would have handled it better. At least I know there are still honest people in the world.

Speaking of honesty, who hit that button today? The one that sent out the "False Alarm" to Hawaii? And why did that happen? Can you imagine the nightmare everyone experienced today in those moments between the warning and the recall? It's hard for me to believe that it happened and I feel deeply for all those people who had to experience it directly. Talk about a shocker. I was shocked by some silly little mishap with a $20 bill. I'm just thankful it was a false alarm and a massive tragedy was avoided. I really hope something good comes out of this. I think about how life can change so drastically or end so quickly. Better make the most of the unknown time that we have. I'm sending out lots of love to everyone all over the world right now and praying that we all can see clearly to make the most out of what is most important in our lives.


Love 11:11


I love seeing 11:11, it's a sign to me that I'm on the right path. I made more choices again today based on love rather than fear. Being more mindful is working better everyday. I slept great last night and woke up this morning excited to go take photos and run GBRC's annual Fairhaven Frosty. I did the 10K last year and chose the 5k this year so I would have more time to take pictures afterward. 

It was very wet but I dressed perfectly for it and cranked the heater in the Highlander on my way home. I love to run and it was so much fun to go to another event where I felt such a grand sense of community. My running family is growing the longer I run and it makes me so happy to be a part of something greater than I'm used to.

Social events of any kind used to really scare me, I didn't know how to handle them so I always felt awkward and uncomfortable. Now, it seems my perspective has helped changed my perception which has changed the way I feel and what I see when I participate in races. Being a photographer for GBRC too, I try to capture the joy of running in these events in order to encourage other people to run and keep running too. I know how much running has really helped me and I only hope that other people find that is the case for them as well. 

Running changed my life and though some days I really don't feel like going for a run I always feel better after I do. Being a part of a running club and having affordable races helps to keep me motivated to not only run but to keep improving my abilities. The more I run races the more I see familiar faces and I believe it helps us all feel more at home here in Bellingham. I love this city and the Pacific Northwest and all the beautiful, amazing, kind, wonderful, happy, intelligent people who share this part of the world with me. I feel very blessed to be here.