Life is symbolic, do you notice all of the symbols that make up your reality?

Guidance is all around us if we just pay attention to the often odd ways our questions can get answered. 

I have been seeing eyes recently. Usually it's animals or numbers but lately it has been eyes. First it was a tattooed eye on instagram followed by multiple other encounters that I didn't think too much about. Then I was walking down a trail that I had never been on before and turned around to see this eye. That's when it hit me to look up the symbolism on "the eye" but then I saw eyes all over a woman's running tights too. Why was I noticing these eyes all of the sudden?

When I searched for meaning I found a plethora of information. What struck a chord with me the most was how they are related to honesty and clairvoyance. I have been dealing with learning to trust my intuition above all else and I think this was just confirmation from the universe that I'm on the right track and to keep paying attention. 

Eye's have always been fascinating to me and since I stopped drinking over two years ago my perception has shifted dramatically. The clarity and truth of the the saying that eyes are the window to the soul resonates with me. When I look into another beings eyes I see much more than I could ever put into words. At times it jolts me into an alternate reality where knowing is more powerful than what I can see. I have to do a reality check to make sure I am not dreaming as the sensation is close to feeling lucid in a dream. 

We are so much more than these magical bodies of flesh and bone. I can see it in our eyes. We are spirits in a physical world here for multiple reasons but mostly to expand our awareness of the great mystery that is life while experiencing it from a myriad of perspectives. I think I used to drink so much to keep this extrasensory perception at bay. There's things I know that I don't know how I know and stuff that I see that I have been taught is impossible. How is it I exist in this world of time and space with these feelings I can't seem to explain?

The all-seeing eye, the eye of god, a symbol of great spiritual truth, awakening, divine providence. I know there is something going on, something much greater than what we see and I believe awakening is happening on a grand scale. I'm pretty sure it can't just be happening within me but I know I must play my part for it to happen too. We are on the verge of a breakdown and a breakthrough at the same time, the shift is occurring, people are opening their eyes. Let's let love rule once again on this amazing planet. There is more than enough for all of us but we must take care of each other and this earth.

Eye Sea


Eye am not sure what to write about today...

I sea all the items on my task list and my mind wanders. Mixed emotions of love and fear surround the wishes in my imagination. The dualism prevalent in this life on spaceship earth this time has enraptured my attention. Mind versus Matter, Spirit and Body, Heart and Soul. 

I am strong, I am enough, I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am capable, I am what I am.

Wishing I was more, learning how to be, wanting to be free... 

Free from feeling like I have to make money, free from having to prove myself to myself. Free from the struggle that makes me question my worth and my abilities.

I tell myself one thing, I am strong, but before long some voice from the past reaches into my serenity claiming I am weak as I haven't done enough yet today. What did you say?

I must not listen, I know it's not me. I know me, I am strong but I fear only as strong as I choose to feel when I believe in the spirit within me. The power of my personal awareness that I am more than this human body with these eyes that I see when I look in the mirror.

Eye know I must choose love and not fear.

Eye know yet I struggle to believe.

20/20 Vision

Better than 20/20 vision, I really want to see clearly. Not only do I feel it is important to have good eye-sight, physically, I think it is equally valuable to have spiritual, mental and emotional clarity. Clairvoyance means Clear-Sight and another year long training program starts tonight at Simply Spirit . After completing the 8-weeks of Clairvoyance 101 with Jill Miller last spring I was eager to learn more about all of the aspects of inner-visual clear-sightedness. I've always been sensitive to energy and highly intuitive. Abilities which have both helped and hindered me in various ways throughout the years. For the past 10 years or so I have been very focused on the physical aspects of this thing we call reality and that is partially because that has been the most "socially acceptable" thing to do. Needless to say, ignoring these other non-physically tangible aspects of reality did not work very well for me.

Suddenly re-directed down the path I was on before I turned 21, this past year has been en-lightening to say the least. There is so much more to this life than what we are conventionally let to believe. We are simply (amazingly complicated) spirits animating these very physical (crazy human) bodies in order to learn from this earthly experience. We all are intimately connected in more ways than we can imagine with our currently-conditioned minds. There have always been things I just know with out knowing how I know them and I'm only beginning to learn to trust in that unknown source of valuable information. When I don't listen to that little voice called intuition I end up kicking myself and I understand sometimes its hard to hear that voice clearly enough to trust it on a consistent basis. Another reason why I believe the classes at Simply Spirit will help me hone my latent skills.

I believe everyone has so much untapped potential and I want to help myself live up to my potential so I can help others grasp theirs. We are all connected therefore I know that just by the act of helping myself I am helping the collective in unseen ways (yet I want to be able to do so much more). My main goal in life is to be happy, that may seem silly but why are we here on earth if not to find and maintain happiness? This life is a gift and I want everyone to be able to not only know what will make them truly happy but also to be able to take action towards true happiness. Its part of the reason why we are here, lets not waste any more time suffering from the illusion that we must suffer. We can choose happiness and it all starts with that inner clarity. Finding that piece of the puzzle where we fit perfectly to make the big beautiful picture complete. Like the cows standing in the lush green Skagit valley pasture looking at me as I used my camera to freeze that moment in time, that picture would not be complete without their presence. It takes each of us to be present for the big picture to become clear.

Thanks for listening to me attempt to put into words that which is at times very illusive to me. I was dreaming about cows last night and woke up thinking, "I LOVE COWS!". Of course I then looked up the symbolism for cows on my favorite  symbolism site which basically says that cows represent mother earth as a symbol of fertility, nurturing and power. So I'm thinking its related to the fact that my mind is a fertile ground for nurturing the seed of potential power to make the world a kinder, more gentler place. I'm very thankful for the existence of cows, not only do they make me happy when I see them, I love all the cheesy-goodness they provide us physically and symbolically. I'll try to keep this blog updated with the latest and greatest things I'm learning in class as it progresses and hopefully the some of the seeds I'm planting here will blossom into beautiful flowers we can all enjoy.