Happy Love Day


It’s another wildly commercialized holiday today and we get to choose whether or not to celebrate it. In my humble opinion we should choose to celebrate every single day! Life is short so why not celebrate it as much as we can and focus on the love? It doesn’t have to be only on holidays however if you feel you need an excuse to show and/or tell someone you love them then today is the day to do it.

The history of “Valentine’s Day”, like so many of the holiday’s we celebrate, is dark and murky. It’s hard to say exactly how it originated and the truth could possibly be a lie anyway. Why not just take it for what it has become as a day for love? There is no time like the present and the beauty of being human is that we get to assign whatever personal meaning we want to our own experiences.

We also tend to prove ourselves right whether we know it or not. What stories have you told yourself about this “Holiday” and how do those stories affect the way you feel? Is it possible you could change those stories to something else that makes you feel different- good or bad? Shift your focus maybe, from one bad experience to one good one or from what you don’t want to what you actually do want.

I used to tell myself that “Valentine’s Day” sucks. I held on to the memories I had of unfulfilled hopes for romance and expectations from partners that left me with feelings of general disappointment. Many times all I felt was sadness on a holiday that is supposed to be full of love.

One thing I have learned the hard way for sure, is how to love myself enough that all that other shit doesn’t matter. I proved myself right long enough to know that I don’t want to repeat that story anymore. I’ve had enough of the personal suffering from expecting to be disappointed. I choose to expect that today is another day and Love is always something worth celebrating. I don’t need chocolates or roses or sparkly gifts but I love them and it’s okay to love those things too so long as they don’t determine my happiness level.

So I wish you a very Happy Love Day today!