Happy Love Day


It’s another wildly commercialized holiday today and we get to choose whether or not to celebrate it. In my humble opinion we should choose to celebrate every single day! Life is short so why not celebrate it as much as we can and focus on the love? It doesn’t have to be only on holidays however if you feel you need an excuse to show and/or tell someone you love them then today is the day to do it.

The history of “Valentine’s Day”, like so many of the holiday’s we celebrate, is dark and murky. It’s hard to say exactly how it originated and the truth could possibly be a lie anyway. Why not just take it for what it has become as a day for love? There is no time like the present and the beauty of being human is that we get to assign whatever personal meaning we want to our own experiences.

We also tend to prove ourselves right whether we know it or not. What stories have you told yourself about this “Holiday” and how do those stories affect the way you feel? Is it possible you could change those stories to something else that makes you feel different- good or bad? Shift your focus maybe, from one bad experience to one good one or from what you don’t want to what you actually do want.

I used to tell myself that “Valentine’s Day” sucks. I held on to the memories I had of unfulfilled hopes for romance and expectations from partners that left me with feelings of general disappointment. Many times all I felt was sadness on a holiday that is supposed to be full of love.

One thing I have learned the hard way for sure, is how to love myself enough that all that other shit doesn’t matter. I proved myself right long enough to know that I don’t want to repeat that story anymore. I’ve had enough of the personal suffering from expecting to be disappointed. I choose to expect that today is another day and Love is always something worth celebrating. I don’t need chocolates or roses or sparkly gifts but I love them and it’s okay to love those things too so long as they don’t determine my happiness level.

So I wish you a very Happy Love Day today!

Where is the line?


The boundary line between destiny and manifestation is obscure. As a clairvoyant I can still be in denial. There are things I know that I resist. Things I want to believe but still doubt. The best way to predict the future is to create it however it seems ones ability to create is limited by certain factors outside of ones control. There is luck involved. There is some form of greater awareness directing parts of each and every life to fulfill some sort of divine design. How? What? Why? Where is the guidebook and the rules? 

I didn't get what I was hoping for and I am doing my best to stay positive, trying to believe there is something better in store for me but what? I bit off all of my fingernails tonight. I had thought I had finally managed to stop for good, my nails were nice and long, then, within 4 minutes they were all gone. It does make it easier to type. Sigh... what am I supposed to do now? The signs keep saying one thing, my intuition keeps confirming and my brain keeps saying WTF while my ego desperately wants to knock me down and kick my ass. Honestly, I'm in a strange space...

Regardless, it's time to get to work. I have a large, beautiful upholstery project to finish and then books to finish and self-publish. I even finally listened to another song I wrote, (well, I recorded it in a moment of inspiration) and I think it's worth writing down and learning. I gotta keep moving forward. I know I am still so blessed but this not getting the book deal with Hayhouse has messed with my head. Another valuable lesson to learn I'm sure. Either way this may be the last daily blog post for awhile. I have to spend time on the projects that will provide some income so I can keep doing all these fabulous things I love.


Anyway, I'm done streaking for now. I finished all of the French Lessons on Duolingo and that means I've written 92 blog posts in the last 92 days (including the one after midnight- I wrote another that morning to make up for it.) This is quite an accomplishment I think and I know some day everything else will make more sense to me. Hindsight is something else I will have to look forward to. For now I'll end this 92nd blog post with Doreen Virtues "Angel Numbers 101" description of the number 92 because I just wrote it three times and it hit me I should look it up. Here's what it says: "As you keep the faith that everything is unfolding perfectly with your Divine life purpose, you more clearly see and understand the steps that are best for you to take."

Thanks Doreen.

I'll do my best to keep the faith.


Art Critic

Hoop Dancer.jpg

I love art in all of it's many forms and I love to create it too. I think I've finally figured out how to ignore my inner critic that says it's not good enough and share my creations anyway.

I learned the hard way that it's best to do things sheerly for the love of doing them. I'm creating art because I feel driven to create and I'm sharing my creations with the hope that it will inspire other people to be able to do the same no matter what their inner Art critic may have to say.

Why is it that so many of us are so critical of ourselves?

It's time to turn off that voice in our heads that talks down to us. There is so much beauty in the world and the beauty is in the imperfections. Nobody is perfect in the sense that most of us think of the word. We are all works in progress and that is part of the reason why we are alive. To experience the process of creation in a myriad of ways.

We are imperfectly perfect, consistently inconsistent human beings who are here to express ourselves from our hearts. We are here to learn about love and connection in a seemingly disconnected environment. Art connects us across time and space, just like dance which is a movement art, there are no boundaries or language barriers, its pure perception, creation and expression.  Free yourself from that voice that has been hindering you and create whatever it is that your heart desires.

Do it for the love of it, do it for yourself and you may learn to love yourself more in the process. You are beautiful and unique, there is no one else out there like you. So celebrate your gifts however they may express themselves through you and share them with the world.

World Record

I was looking for inspiration for tonights blog post and found this photo reminder.


Did I mention I'm going to break the record for the world's biggest hula hoop?

Yes, I'm not quite sure how to make it all happen yet but I submitted the application for this year with the Guinness Book of World Records and I'm waiting for a response.

I'm planning to make a hoop (with help) out of carbon fiber which will be much lighter and stiffer than the tubing that was used for the attempt pictured here. I would love to break the record and get some publicity for my hoop love coaching program and for when my book is released.

I have so many ideas I just need some cool thing like this to get me a bigger to platform to stand on and fast. I want to bring more joy to the world and I love how hooping makes people happy. Also, breaking records just helps to prove the fact that anything we believe we can achieve.

If at first you don't succeed, try again and I will.

False Alarm

I wish I had a bigger platform to stand on so I could share what I know in my heart to be true with more people and have them listen. If only for the fact that I want to live in a world where peace, love and happiness prevails. I wrote a post on facebook after midnight last night, technically I wrote it very early this morning, so I'm copying and pasting it here for my blog for today. We all have fears and we all know that love can help us overcome them.


Here's what I wrote:

I’ve been thinking about this since the false alarm that occurred recently. I was inspired to write this after a friend posted a link to a news article regarding an explanation for the major mishap. Regardless of why or how they say it happened, the fact is, that it happened. And since it happened it really made me think about how life can change so drastically in an instant based on even a supposed threat. Just imagine what it was like for all those people who received that message and acted accordingly thinking it was “real”. In that moment it completely changed their lives.

Looking at the bigger picture here I see that what’s more important is that humankind as a species comes to a point where we can eliminate the need for such a warning system altogether. The fact that we still have to worry about getting missiles fired at us is a big problem.
I believe humankind is evolved enough by now to realize that we share a very small planet.

This earth is our home, it does not have boundaries or borders. We are all dependent on the health of the ecosystem in which we live. This system is completely connected in every single way therefore we are all connected too. What we do to one thing or one person or one country effects everything on this one earth that we all depend on for life as we know it. We need each other and we need this entire planet to survive and thrive. We can no longer think about competing against each other, about fighting between countries or firing missiles at one part of the earth without realizing that we are only fighting ourselves.

Ultimately we all want the same thing but the beauty in our diversity is that we have multiple ways to get what we want and what we need. There is more than enough for all of us, we have the technology and the capabilities to solve our biggest problems if we just choose to do so. We all need to choose to do so. I have a dream where it’s one global community here on planet earth. A community that understands the importance of taking care of each other and the earth that sustains us. Humans have the potential for curing diseases, ending poverty, eliminating hunger, celebrating our cultural differences, learning from our mistakes and creating a world that is healthy for every single one of us.

We can live in peace, it is not only possible it is absolutely necessary that we choose to believe in that probability. It’s more obvious than ever that it will take all of us choosing to change our core beliefs. We must believe in the power we have to make different choices because we now realize that we have that choice. We have to choose to spread the word and to work together to make these changes happen.

The time is here for a revolution, we need to act fast before it’s not just a false alarm. We all know what would happen then. Let’s choose to focus on the power that we have to set in motion a new direction for humankind. Not everyone will jump onboard right away but with enough love and compassion it will become clear that we must take whatever steps we can to keep the shift moving toward what we want. 

Deep down we all just want to be happy and healthy, to have time to experience the beauty of this life and solve problems that make the world a better place and make our lives less challenging to survive. Once we realize that we can only be truly happy & healthy when we all are then we will work towards helping others and this earth in order to help ourselves. And right now we all need all the help we can get.


I saw a lot more eyes today so maybe I haven't gotten the full message yet. Eye Wonder...


999 also appeared repeatedly today... in fact it seemed everywhere I looked there was another sequence of those same numbers. Technically I know what it means but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that information.

I guess I'll just keep moving forward with eyes open and hope the path will be revealed along the way.

Yoga was definitely good for me today, I went to Flow Motion out in Ferndale to try the Infrared Hot Yoga class and the heat felt wonderful. I'm doing my best to trust and have faith that if I keep doing the things I love everything will work out.


Pitching again

Just finished my 50th daily French lesson on DuoLingo after making a huge to-do list and crossing off a bunch of tasks. My mind is all over the place this morning yet I am getting shit done. Somehow.


I was thinking this morning about Love during all of my multi tasking and wanted to write a blog post about this powerful emotion that I was feeling in a subtle way I wasn't sure I could put into a logical explanation. I thought I would try another Pixar pitch format just for fun and tell my abstract concept as a story of sorts. Of course practice makes perfect even though I don't like doing things repetitively.  Hence it's not really a pitch for my book either. 

Anyway, I was thinking about how we have such capacity for deep unconditional love that feels so wonderful when we allow it to overcome us. Oftentimes we let the details get in the way of really feeling it and all it takes is a matter of a shift in perspective to bring that feeling back. Here it goes.

Once upon a time there was only one love, a magnificent force that encompassed the entire void of space without time.
Every day was the same, there were no days, no thoughts, no nothing but pure love and perfection existing in timelessness.
One day this one love had one thought that split eternity into time.
Because of that the universe as we know it was created in that moment.
Because of that absolutely everything is intricately connected and ultimately is the same one love that started the whole illusion of separateness that has created endless adventures in time and space wrought with pain and suffering because of not knowing this one love.
Until finally one day all of the parts of that one love realized itself again within each being, each creation from the moment of that first thought came to understand the brilliance of the self-imposed illusion of separation for unending adventures that could be created with just one thought and once again, the universe as we know it will never the same.

Why be afraid anymore when we know we are all ultimately that one love, that we chose this time and space for adventuring and knowing our infinite selves in infinite ways. It started with one, then another one made two, then those two made two and became four, then those four when on to create even more. Simple multiplication really. Oh the abstract concepts of complicated math makes my head spin like the contemplation of the meaning behind what I am trying to say with a brain that is limited by my limited beliefs about the nature of reality. Whew. Okay, back to my task list. Never a dull moment in the inner world of Joy Love.

Infinite possibilities locked within finite bodies, timeless spirits locked in time.

Fascinating and mind boggling.


Love Lights

herald led.jpg

I was afraid that would happen... and it did. Silly me, I should know better than to manifest what I don't want. Nobody showed up to hoop with me last night.

The 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 7:30pm I grab armfuls of hoops and head down to the Center for Mindful Use. I usually just wing it since it's a free offering and usually people show up to hoop. It's actually quite fun and I really enjoy the whole experience. However this is the 2nd time now that no-one showed up. 

The truth is I kinda have this nagging fear that I'm not good enough but I love it so I do it anyway. I'm working on building up my experience to shift that belief towards a more empowering outlook. With the awareness I have been steadily increasing I can see how I'm still pretty good at creating my reality haphazardly so I do my best not to take it personal. I understand full well that it takes time to enact real change. To be able to maintain a deeper level of self understanding that comes with looking at how personal programming through individual life experiences affects beliefs and thus personal tendencies. Then being vigilant while choosing consciously to change those habits.

Last night was still a success even though no one came to hoop. I had a lovely, inspiring chat with Mike Hiestand who created the beautiful space that is the Center for mindful use. Fortunately he appeared happy to have the opportunity to go home early so it worked out for both of us. He closed up and I made the most of my trip downtown by walking over to the Depot Market Square and having a nice little hoop session with my brand new red SuperHooper LED hoop. I've been wanting an LED hoop for a long time and the fact that it arrived in the mail just before my scheduled hoop class was perfect. All I wanted to do was play with it. So I did. And it was fun. It turned out to be a perfect evening anyway. 

Starting in the 2018 I will be making a more concerted effort to promote this super fun Monday night hooping option. I know how to do it, I just haven't done it yet. And on top of that, with everything else, I will continue to stay aware and focus on what I want to see happen in my life, (not what I don't want.) I want to see more people enjoying the art of hoop dance and the freedom of movement that occurs with these sacred circles. 

Love & Anger

What is the opposite of anger anyway? Apathy? Or Peace?


Emotions are never cut and dry, they all have so many variables. We can be very angry at the ones we love the most, we can be angry because we love someone or something. What is this thing called anger and why do we have to feel it? I personally do not like this emotion though I am learning to accept it as a natural part of life. It's good to recognize it when it erupts like a fire in the belly and can make a person act out of character. We must always remember to look at the root cause of our anger and accept ourselves regardless of the why. We are designed this way for a reason, part of our internal guidance system, meant to help steer us in the direction we most want to go.

I would love to feel peaceful all the time, to be emotionally unresponsive to the things that happen in life that make me angry (but are beyond my control). The only control I have is how I react and if I get mad at myself at the same time for getting angry and then try to stop my emotions, it's a sure recipe for trouble. It all comes back to that awareness. Remembering to be present with the emotions instead of distracting ourselves from them or going on automatic and acting out.

Why am I angry? Really, honestly, and how can I constructively use this energy to direct my life for the better? There are a lot of options if I take a moment to breathe and consider them all. Running is one good way to off some steam and process. Another good way is to write it out and process it with words. I can already feel the anger dissipating with my acknowledgement and acceptance of it. We get angry for reasons sometimes and it's okay, it's what we do with it that makes the difference. 

Selling Books

#Gagbot Quotes and #Prisma App modifications hooping with a selfie stick today.

#Gagbot Quotes and #Prisma App modifications hooping with a selfie stick today.

I think one of my biggest fears is actually selling my books. Once I get them done then I have to get them out there and once they're out there I have to be ready to hold my own regardless of the feedback I'll probably get. I know I can't please everyone and if my first book is a success it's scary to think of how many people might read it.

Then the more people that read it the more there may be people who don't like it. It's a vulnerable feeling to allow such an intimate look into how my mind works with regard to my personal experiences and perceptions. 

Writing this blog seems safe currently because there are only a few people who even read it. It's going to be much harder to write here when I have a bigger audience because there will be more at stake. At the same time it's also good that I'm aware of this fear and ready to face it.

That's why it's funny that this Gagbot quote is what popped up in the Prisma app when I was looking for a picture to go with my blog post for today. There's so many other things I could be working toward selling that don't make me feel so vulnerable and scared. At the same time I know they won't be nearly as beneficial or satisfying to complete which is why I'm willing to put myself on the line.

Part of it's not really even the selling that scares me, it's finding out whether or not I'm even good enough to be a successful writer. I'm coaching myself daily and doing my best to get past this. I know it's risky but sometimes the bigger the risk the better the reward. I just hope this is the case when I'm selling books before things. 

Thanks Gagbots & Prisma for inspiring this introspection!