Eschew Obfuscation

Espouse Elucidation.


Day 7, today is the 7th day in a row that I have written something here. I was wrong before although I wrote day 4 with a question mark, it was actually day 5. I started practicing my French lessons again using the duo-lingo app the same day I began writing with the intention to do it every day and the app says this afternoon that I'm on a 7-day streak. Easy way to keep track, all I have to do is keep practicing French everyday and I will know for sure how many days in a row I write without back tracking and counting manually on here. Is that all perfectly understandable? I am attempting to avoid confusion by writing clearly. Why am I keeping track anyway?

I want my book to be published with HayHouse and I have one shot coming up. The due date for my proposal is in January of 2018 so I'm demonstrating my ability and determination by showing how disciplined I can be. One of the first things I read in the book "Building your Platform" was something about writing everyday. I can do that. I am doing this. Lets see how long I can continue to do this. I just have to remember to keep working on my proposal/book every day too until it's completed and sent off for HayHouse to get excited about. Oh and the other thing I need to work on is convincing one of my favorite Authors to commit to writing my foreword. (Still on my to do list.) Enough for now, time to go to line dance class and boot, scoot and boogie it off. 

Oh and by the way, the title of this post was inspired by a friends Facebook post this morning that said, "Bumper Sticker spotted this morning: 'Eschew Obfuscation!' I spit out my coffee and nearly drove off the road." I nearly spilt my own coffee at the humor in the wordplay but also because I was imagining my friend Richard, dressed up in his fancy Town Crier garb (in my mind) at the same time as he experienced that moment.  If you knew Richard you would understand better, but I assure you it is very amusing. Totally worthy of mention as the title for this. Words are so much fun.