Love & Anger

What is the opposite of anger anyway? Apathy? Or Peace?


Emotions are never cut and dry, they all have so many variables. We can be very angry at the ones we love the most, we can be angry because we love someone or something. What is this thing called anger and why do we have to feel it? I personally do not like this emotion though I am learning to accept it as a natural part of life. It's good to recognize it when it erupts like a fire in the belly and can make a person act out of character. We must always remember to look at the root cause of our anger and accept ourselves regardless of the why. We are designed this way for a reason, part of our internal guidance system, meant to help steer us in the direction we most want to go.

I would love to feel peaceful all the time, to be emotionally unresponsive to the things that happen in life that make me angry (but are beyond my control). The only control I have is how I react and if I get mad at myself at the same time for getting angry and then try to stop my emotions, it's a sure recipe for trouble. It all comes back to that awareness. Remembering to be present with the emotions instead of distracting ourselves from them or going on automatic and acting out.

Why am I angry? Really, honestly, and how can I constructively use this energy to direct my life for the better? There are a lot of options if I take a moment to breathe and consider them all. Running is one good way to off some steam and process. Another good way is to write it out and process it with words. I can already feel the anger dissipating with my acknowledgement and acceptance of it. We get angry for reasons sometimes and it's okay, it's what we do with it that makes the difference.