Murder she wrote...


You see that crow that just launched into the air? Yeah, that's me ready for 2018. All my projects are going to get launched into the air completed and ready to share. There will be no murder's though unless we're talking about a flock of crows. 

I love crows and ravens too. These intelligent black birds are fascinating to me. The sounds they make when they communicate are also fun for me to try and imitate. I just wish I knew what they (and myself) are saying in Corvidae language.

The sound of the word murder evokes fear and some people see crows as a bad omen so maybe that's how the term came to be.  I just think it sounds better than calling it a flock so I use the alternative name for the group reference. Did you know a group of ravens is called a congress? I didn't either until I looked up the term murder for this post. Pause for thought, just be caws.




Porquoi? ¿Por qué?


Why the French? Why the Spanish? Why do I love to learn different languages? Why does why start with a P, in French, Spanish and Italian? Why do I ask so many questions? Why am I having a hard time finding balance?

I wonder how much time I spent on the beach that day as I walked along searching for and picking up what I thought were the perfect shaped stones. Specific ones that I hoped would stack on top of each other, intentionally sized up and then balanced one by one, on top of the other, on top of a piece of driftwood. It was done slowly and carefully with just enough time to snap a photo before it toppled over scattering the stones randomly back onto the beach. Is finding balance always like this?

Is this always just the way it goes? We have an idea and set our intention to create some sense of balance in our life only to have the pendulum start swinging again. The equilibrium we found is beautiful for a short period and then it's gone. All that's left is a fleeting memory and maybe a photo of what it looked like. Then we attempt to find it again in so many different ways...

Porquoi? Porque...

Why? Because... I supposed that's just the way it is.

Same as the only constant... change.