Cedar Tree Wedgie

Here I am wedged between tall dreams, the scent of sacred cedar lingers in my memory.


I finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert last night and had a revelation!

Thanks Elizabeth!

The words struck me like giant hail balls and I said Hail YES to the idea that I am destined to create regardless of the outcome. I don’t do the things I do because I want to make money or gain recognition, (well sometimes I do because it seems I still need money to survive in this world these days) I make things because I have to or I will go insane. As a creative person I literally have to write and paint and hoop and make videos and create things to share with the world.

I have to dispel the energy that the muses of the unseen world hurl at me on a daily basis. It’s part of being psychic, I can’t ignore the ideas that are constantly vying for my attention!

Besides, there already seems to be enough darkness in the world and I want to make it lighter. I want to celebrate the beauty and the joy. I want to focus on what is good and what is going right.

In fact I have to focus on the bright side or I may just cease to exist. Some people call people like me light-workers and it is indeed a challenging path to walk whether or not we choose to be defined by this so-called new age terminology. I can’t help but create things. I can’t help but focus on that which I want to see in the world. I don’t need recognition, I just need freedom. Freedom to do what inspires me to be alive. How else am I going to be able to spend my time? What else is worth living for if not art, creations and the beauty of nature?