Is hard work. Seriously. It’s one thing to do the dishes and laundry but deeper cleaning along with sweeping, dusting and vacuuming is one heck of a work out! And not the fun kind of workout like running which I’m skipping today because the house-keeping wore me out.

So I’m currently lying on my bean bag yoga mat in the sun on the grass in the yard drinking my 2nd Kirkland brand sparkling water of the day. Writing was also on my to-do list today so here I am. The birds are chirping, the wind chimes are tinkling in the breeze and the sound of traffic just mixing with the neighbors lawn mower is drifiting into my headspace. Where I lay the sun is hot on my backside and I can see the six sugar pie pumpkins I harvested from the garden two days ago getting ripe with the last of the summers warmth.

My Goodman just arrived home from work and humanly raised dry rubbed ribs are slow-cooking in the oven for dinner. I have cherry tomatoes waiting to be harvested from the garden which I will do as soon as I finish this post. Life is busy but good and I always overwhelm myself by trying to do everything while making time for self care too. Hence writing in the yard in the sun. And I’m done. Back to my to-do list. Happy September and Happy Labor Day!