Life After Life?

I wrote this and shared it on Facebook two years ago after I had commented on a friend's post about trash on the beach and the general disregard for our actions in relation to the environment in which we live. I thought I would share to my blog since I still see this topic being relevant. Especially after just having finished reading the book “Life Before Life” by Jim B. Tucker.

"I was thinking about something related to this last night. If anyone believes in re-incarnation which there is plenty of evidence in my opinion to support as being true. Then people can no longer shirk responsibility for pollution because they don't have kids and are going to die at some point. When people realize they're coming back into whatever they leave behind in this lifetime maybe that's a better motivator to take action this time around and leave a better legacy for their potential future selves." I thought I would share here too because this is a bigger topic.

Why wouldn't we choose to believe that we have multiple lifetimes? It's empowering to know that we have multiple opportunities in multiple ways for experiencing life on earth as human beings. Therefore, why don't we choose to feel empowered and make better choices for our current selves within each moment knowing that we are shaping the future with each step we take. And not only are we shaping the future for ourselves and our possible future selves, we are creating the reality that we all share with each other for each other so why wouldn't we want to make that the best possible reality we can make it? Why procrastinate or figure someone else will fix it or do it for us?

Why give up the power that we have in our daily actions and in our daily moment by moment choices once we become aware that we have a choice?

And that is the pivotal point, we have to become aware first that we get to choose and then be aware of our choices. Which I understand is at times very challenging when most of us run on automatic and have been trained to give up and hand over our power as if we actually have no choice. But we do have a choice and we can at least use our voice to to either ask or express what we feel our options are to choose from. Everything is inextricably linked whether or not we are aware of it being so. So let's help each other raise our awareness.

Thank you for sharing this world with me. 💞