Blue Moon

It happens once in a blue moon... so they say. I lost my solid writing streak today. It’s after midnight and for some reason I thought I wrote a blog post but decided to check just now to discover that I didn’t. Where was my mind? Eclipsed by the energies of subtlety and distracted by future possibilities.

Yes, I have had many levels of awareness and stages of attention. It’s late and I need to be asleep. How could I miss it? I wrote it in my head... this morning I suppose. It was about waking up after dreaming that I woke up in the dream explaining that I was snuggling with an elephant. Such deep love and understanding I felt with this massive creature who could have crushed me with the weight of one leg but it the dream it was so real, so amazing the awareness of this animal who was my friend and slept next to me.

The lines are blurry between dreams and waking life at times I have to admit. My conscious logical brain knows the difference but my heart can’t tell. The emotions feel so real. Dreaming awake with awareness or asleep and dreaming subconsciously. Truly amazing to me how this life works.

The fact that we don’t really know how it works. The infinite mystery that won’t ever be put into words as we know them. Glimpses are fleeting feelings of Grand magnificence. We are magical mysterious beings who often take so much for granted. We disconnect, distract, derail, desensitized to the wonders of our potential. Once in a blue moon, eclipsed.