Roots and Foots


Can you see the roots for the trees, the feet below my knees, the sky so high, the rain so wet, I bet you can almost smell, the moss laden forest, the ferns drenched in rain, hear the creek as it rushes over the stones.

Forest Bathing today was was lovely as my Momma and I wandered along the Evergreen Trail in Rockport State Park. I have to be honest, if it weren't for her I probably would have been extremely lazy today after getting my ass kicked in another Barre3 Class yesterday.

It felt good to get out and walk in the woods in the rain. I made sure to breathe deeply and mindfully. I even brought my sturdy purple hoop which came in a handy for support a couple times navigating over logs with my sore muscles. It also helped keep me warm as the hooping motion on wide sections of the trail ignited my core fire. 

The forest in this park is quite magical as it is rich with diverse life beneath the giant trees. It sits below Sauk Mountain which is another one of my favorite hikes to do in the summertime. It was fun to explore today and the discovery center was kinda cool too.

Taxidermy is one of those subjects I have mixed feelings about. I have to admit that seeing a real preserved Wolverine up close and personal today was awe-inspiring. It was certainly something to appreciate since almost no one ever sees them alive out in the wild. They are beautiful and elusive as well as apparently bad-ass animals. It was worth a quick look before hopping in the car to head home. I'm sure the Ranger was happy to have a couple visitors on such a rainy day too even if it was very brief.

I'm so Thankful I was able to get out today and explore. There are so many cool places that are really easy to just drive by and never check out.  There are also so many times when I'm tempted to be lazy and I'm so thankful that I not only push past it but that I have good friends and motivators to help me get outside.