Free Flowing

Free to go with the flow... that's how I want to be. Those rigid schedules just don't suit me. How do I make this work to my advantage when it's complicated for others who like routine to understand how I function this way. I get a lot done but not so much in an organized manner, creativity flows when I feel free to express without constriction. I was writing late last night and working on my website, somehow inspired to do so at almost midnight. I've been on a strange schedule lately and tomorrow I will attempt to change that.


My alarm is set for 9am and the March starts tomorrow at 10am which I plan to run or/and take photos of. Sunday I signed up for a Booch and Flow at Kombucha town so it will be another early (for me) morning too. I'm going to use these two days to attempt to get back to a "normal" schedule instead of my recent night owl tendencies. However, I wish it were easier to keep it free flowing and not worry so much about how it's perceived. I'm afraid I'm just not there yet but I do love sleeping in and have convinced myself to feel good about it regardless. Sleep is important.