Life is symbolic, do you notice all of the symbols that make up your reality?

Guidance is all around us if we just pay attention to the often odd ways our questions can get answered. 

I have been seeing eyes recently. Usually it's animals or numbers but lately it has been eyes. First it was a tattooed eye on instagram followed by multiple other encounters that I didn't think too much about. Then I was walking down a trail that I had never been on before and turned around to see this eye. That's when it hit me to look up the symbolism on "the eye" but then I saw eyes all over a woman's running tights too. Why was I noticing these eyes all of the sudden?

When I searched for meaning I found a plethora of information. What struck a chord with me the most was how they are related to honesty and clairvoyance. I have been dealing with learning to trust my intuition above all else and I think this was just confirmation from the universe that I'm on the right track and to keep paying attention. 

Eye's have always been fascinating to me and since I stopped drinking over two years ago my perception has shifted dramatically. The clarity and truth of the the saying that eyes are the window to the soul resonates with me. When I look into another beings eyes I see much more than I could ever put into words. At times it jolts me into an alternate reality where knowing is more powerful than what I can see. I have to do a reality check to make sure I am not dreaming as the sensation is close to feeling lucid in a dream. 

We are so much more than these magical bodies of flesh and bone. I can see it in our eyes. We are spirits in a physical world here for multiple reasons but mostly to expand our awareness of the great mystery that is life while experiencing it from a myriad of perspectives. I think I used to drink so much to keep this extrasensory perception at bay. There's things I know that I don't know how I know and stuff that I see that I have been taught is impossible. How is it I exist in this world of time and space with these feelings I can't seem to explain?

The all-seeing eye, the eye of god, a symbol of great spiritual truth, awakening, divine providence. I know there is something going on, something much greater than what we see and I believe awakening is happening on a grand scale. I'm pretty sure it can't just be happening within me but I know I must play my part for it to happen too. We are on the verge of a breakdown and a breakthrough at the same time, the shift is occurring, people are opening their eyes. Let's let love rule once again on this amazing planet. There is more than enough for all of us but we must take care of each other and this earth.