Hawaii 808

I feel like I need to write a book about my most recent trip to Hawaii. Maybe that's why even though I'm happy to home in the Pacific Northwest, I keep seeing the reminders everywhere. From the random Aloha's from friends, to the Hi and Honu Stickers on peoples cars, the signs are everywhere. I think it also goes to show that anyone who has been to Hawaii has been forever touched by the spirit of the islands. Truly a tropical paradise with an intense fiery energy that ignites the passion within each person who finds themselves drawn to go there. Magic flows freely on the island of Maui, as you can see from this panorama on one of the high ridge lines over looking a deep valley.

Maui Valley

If you ever find your self on Maui and want to see this sacred spot I know just the people who can take you there. It's a secret but if you promise to be kind I'll tell you that Happy Island People can help you find it. There are plenty of amazing tours you can take on the island and I only know about one company so I'm going to promote them here because the owner is an awesome human being. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time if you go to Hawaii it will be time well spent if you make sure to do it with an open heart. Strangers become friends in an instant and the ocean is always waiting to wash away your worries as it holds you in its salty caress. Time for me to get back to work in my sewing room but I wanted to share just a taste of what dreams are made of here on my blog. Happy days my friends. Aloha!