Spring Forward...

Daylight savings time just began and although I'm looking forward to longer daylight hours, the time change always throws me for a loop the first few days. I woke up this morning with a strange feeling I'm still trying to shake. My dreams have been vivid lately so I imagine it might be part of this issue I'm having. I'm ready for spring while at the same time I feel as though all of those things I hoped to get done during winter have vanished with the time. I did accomplish one major thing I have been working on though- Lucid dreaming. I finally had a fully lucid dream.

The second Saturday of every month is a combined class at Simply Spirit center with all of the current and some past clairvoyant students and teachers. We were doing some work with the Akashic Records during this last class and long story short, I think the conversations in class affected my dreamscape. I found myself in the dream relaying a dream that I had had of a catastrophic event that was supposed to occur as I was in one in the dream at the time (thinking I should have warned someone about my dream beforehand). After the flood waters subsided in the dream I was telling my friends about the dream I had had before when suddenly it hit me. I looked at them with perfectly clarity while remembering to stay calm as to not wake myself up and then proceeded to tell them I loved them and that in fact, this was just a dream, that we were in that moment just dreaming. Then I said "see you later" and attempted to fly. I flew through pitch black until I hit the door of another dream scene and was sucked back in to a non-lucid state. Needless to say, I woke up and remembered all of it, it's still has a crazy emotional charge to the memory of the moment I realized it was all a dream.  

So here I sit on the couch with my Macbook on my lap and it's almost time for bed. How do I set myself up for another lucid dream and when I realize I'm dreaming what is the next step. The flying seemed to be a bit of an uncreative attempt being that fly was the only part that happened. Not fly over the ocean or out to the moon, just through pitch black and really fast. I'd like to be able to use the power of lucid dreaming to learn how to run faster and how to heal the world; to create works of art and to understand the deeper meaning of life on planet earth. (And there I go again- I want it all and I want it now!) Yet I have to remember to take baby steps, have a little patience because it's all part of a process. In fact even the first step to dreamland is always a challenge- calming my mind down enough so that I can actually even fall asleep but I'm going to go try now. Today has been a weird day and I'm glad it's almost over. Thanks for reading my ramble. Sweet Dreams.