Cold Fears


Sometimes I talk myself out of doing certain activities this time of year because of the temperature. I really don't like to feel cold and I'm always afraid of the Raynaud's phenomenon flaring up during chilly outings. Once again I pushed thru my fear of the cold and we went for an evening bike ride, we were prepared with our lights to ride home in the dark. I dressed warm and it was all good on the way up hill but the cruise down almost made my fingers go numb.

My fingers didn't lose circulation and turn white either, which was great! Sometimes I think I'm winning the battle when the phenomenon doesn't occur for awhile. It's such a strange thing since there's no cure except to stay warm. Regardless I can't and I won't let it stop me from getting outside. The sunset from the interurban trail bridge over Alabama street looking towards Lummi island was gorgeous. It was totally worth feeling the freezing bits of my extremities for a short period of time. I even got a little hooping in. 

Love wins again!