Pineapple Express


It is only late autumn yet it has been feeling as cold and heavy as winter, that is, until the Pineapple Express arrived late yesterday evening. The concrete on the back step twinkled with condensation from the fifteen degree temperature change that occurred within what seemed like seconds. I awoke this morning to golden sunlight streaming in the windows and laid on the floor like a cat to bask in the warmth.

After the coffee kicked it I got dressed for a run and immediately turned around to come back inside. I was over-dressed and smiled as exchanged a long sleeve fuzzy thing for a sheer tank top. It was windy and gloriously warm out, I could almost smell the green coconuts and plumeria. Today I'm grateful that Hawaii sent some love my way.

I'm sure the mountain folks were all stoked for ski season and the rapid snowmelt probably made their hearts sink. I know it will get cold again soon but it was really nice to have a tropical reprieve and get some much needed Vitamin D therapy today. Thank you Hawaii and the forces of nature, it truly is a beautiful thing how the weather can change so quickly and I do appreciate the variety. Aloha!