Photo by Mark Goodman

Photo by Mark Goodman

I'm a tree hugger, thats for sure and I'm especially awe-inspired by the ancient ones that have healing properties. I love to use plants and herbs in my everyday life, in fact I'm drinking herbal tea as I write this. It's Chamomile tonight since I have been trying to mellow out. I keep having these moments of anxiety that make my chest feel so constricted I almost forget to breathe. And I'm not exactly sure what's going on, all I know is I have to get to the root of the issue and I'm using all the tools I have at my disposal. Herbalism is one of the things I'm fascinated by and I keep learning more about it every day. There are so many plants that have healing properties and it's quite fascinating to discover new ones too.

Since I learned about this amazing tree, also known a Western Balsam Poplar, I've been seeing it everywhere. The leaves this time of year are mostly laying a pathway of pure gold color beneath their trunks. After the first big windstorm I collected some of the heady smelling buds from fallen branches and have them soaking in sweet almond oil to extract the medicine for possible later use. The scent is distinct and brings about some strange sense of nostalgia for me that I think may even be beyond this lifetime. I may just go take a whiff right now and see if that calms my nerves. 

Even though I know logically it will all be okay something seems to keep getting in my way.

My mind paces and my heart races.

I wish I understood more now than I did before. 

Wandering wondering beneath a tree, waiting for the moments when I will clearly see.