Starting Over

All blog posts before this one were a bit random and at times deeply esoteric. They were all created in wordpress and before I really had a sense of direction with my writing. Instead of deleting them all I'm creating a starting over point here. If you go back into the the archives you have been forewarned that what you may find could be startling or confusing. We only find where we are going by learning from where we have been so I'm keeping the old to create a benchmark. Thanks for bearing with me in this process and not giving up on the possibility that I have things to say that you want to read about. I'm looking forward to getting this website up and rolling even if that means spending hours in my office or laying in bed with this MacBook on my lap. I'm stubborn and determined to organize and make sense of the jam-packed world of ideas and potential swirling around in my mind. I just have to be patient with the learning process and accept that perfection is sometimes found in taking actions without self-critical over-thinking.