Is it snowing yet?

It's cold here in the NW and its supposed to snow soon. I really hope it does. I want to watch the white frozen crystallized water fall gently from the frigid skies and pile up in layers as a blanket of pure bright sparkling refractions of light on solidified liquid. It's like pure magic the way the clouds are created as they cycle from the earth to the sky in wet and dry forms. It's been too long since it's snowed hard and stuck here so close to sea level and I hope everyone stays safe in the winter conditions. I know it can cause problems for some but I wish for pure aesthetic reasons that we get absolutely covered in snow and that it lasts a little while. That we can all take a moment to look around at the white with the wonder in our eyes that we had as children seeing snow for the first time. To appreciate it for what it is on a level that disregards the potential troubles it causes when schedules get in the way of us being fully present to life as it surrounds us in beauty. Praying for safe travels and happiness for everyone while simultaneously wishing for a wild white wonderland.