According to numerology today is a master number day for me. 22 reduces down to a 4 as well meaning that I can write off the higher aspects of possibility if I so desire by just being down to earth and stable. It's tempting because there's so much going through my mind, energies in motion in my system and I'm standing on a ledge close to overwhelm. One thing at a time. Number 22 is the master builder meaning that dreams can become reality, the flip-side is self-imposed pressure resulting in missed opportunity. Heavy implications but I got this. I think.

And I got side-tracked, so what have I done with this day today since I first started writing this post?

I've been deep inside my psyche, questioning, pondering, exploring while maintaining a stability in my physical world. I enjoyed the simple things today, coffee, a late brunch with people I love. Then I started writing, watched a masterclass with Mike Dooley and read a little more of his book, went for a bike ride around town in the dry rain, went grocery shopping, wrote an serious e-mail, made work plans and ordered stuff then helped fix dinner and do dishes. Usual stuff but the entire time my mind was focused on the fact that I'm becoming more present and aware of my inner world (my thoughts & feelings) while I go about my day. I'm starting to connect the dots as I see my inward perceptions manifest subtly outwardly in the physical world. Nothing to shout about specifically but there were more moments today where I knew for sure that what I believe has a heck of a lot to do with what I see. Which for me, is pretty sweet. Its nice to feel validated.

And now it's time to get some rest. I'm setting the intention to have a lucid dream tonight and I hope to fly even if for only a moment. Dreams are another exciting adventure that I've been tracking with a journal and lingering attention. I know I still have a lot to do but it's seeming to be more like play and less like work. I think I've been taking things to seriously with a little impatience. It feels good to relax and go with the flow. It's easy to be pleased when there's no expectations. Sweet Dreams.