Strange Dreams

Last night I had some strange dreams. One minute I was at some school on a cargo ship where I had agreed to learn how to scuba dive even though I was scared of feeling claustrophobic while breathing tanked air underwater. Next I found myself in a remote airplane hanger with a mechanic working on something and I set my external charger down hoping to remember it but leaving it there as we tested the plane flying from one mountain peak into the next. Then thinking I was going to die as it appeared we were about to lose altitude and slam into the sheer face of rock. The plane was in disrepair yet we landed roughly in another airplane hanger inside another massive mountain. Then I was searching for restrooms at a park but they were all too dirty to use, later I found one up on what looked like a cliff in Ireland with the most beautiful view out the back door. I was sitting on the toilet with the door cracked open for the view thinking of how crazy the location was as I awoke suddenly and ran to the bathroom with full bladder urgency while feeling super groggy and disoriented. I tumbled back into bed and fell back asleep wondering if the mechanic had found my external charger and if I would ever get it back or thinking maybe he needed it for something. Then trying to search on my phone in dreamland (which usually doesn't work very well) to see if there was a world record for the largest group of people swimming all at one time (with no success) and still imagining all the students jumping off the cargo ship school into the ocean and forming a large circle holding hands to set some record I hoped didn't exist yet. Strange. Glad I woke up just in time to relieve myself. Technology has definitely infiltrated my dreamland and I'm perplexed by the vividness of such random scenarios.