Seeing beyond the material illusions and feeling the truth that everything really is ultimately just energy. I wonder why it takes so long to see clearly and is so easy to slip back into the slumber of mistaken perception. I am finally taking full responsibility for creating my reality and I'm finding there are loopholes, back doors and hidden passage ways I was not aware of previously. I'm grateful and feel very blessed to learn more about my soul during this lifetime on schoolhouse earth. Patience & persistence, awareness & compassion, truth & love. Inventing new ways in my imagination that may help to release humans from the illusion of separation & eliminate fear. 

We are are more connected in physical ways then we have been in (current accepted) recorded history. The entire world is in my hand right now as I connect to the vast network at my fingertips. Words are powerful and I intend to use them to uplift and enlighten. We are the universe perceiving itself from a beautiful mosaic of matter created by energy in motion fractured into millions of bits to experience the vast possibilities of existence. The implications are mind blowing and we have the ability to change the world by changing our minds. The universe has our back because it is us. We just have to wake up and enjoy the experience. Life is amazing. Thank you all for existing.