The sunset was incredibly beautiful last night after Wednesday night racing on a new to town J111. The breeze was steady, not too much and not too little. Jenny was at the helm and the other three of us were all over the boat getting sails up and down, letting sails in & out and trying to sail faster. It had been awhile since I've been racing and it took me a bit to remember all the moves. Especially after being sick for over a week and barely recovered. Nonetheless it felt great to be out on the water harnessing the power of the wind. On a boat it's pretty clear where the boundaries are. You go beyond the lifelines and end up in the water where the boundaries are harder to define.Life is more like the water than the boat, contantly changing and flowing without a clear sense of boundaries. With language it's a challenge to describe exactly what I'm talking about because words can have so many different meanings. The kind of boundary I'm talking about has to do with  the invisible guidelines for creating our reality. There's a huge amount of freedom or wiggle room for creating the life that we want but it's not limitless like I once thought. There are boundaries and I'm trying to learn and define what they are and what purpose they serve. On a boat the lifelines are the boundary and you can step beyond them but generally it's not a good idea unless you're at the dock. It's beneficial to have boundaries and to know what they are. They help clarify otherwise abstract notions and redirect us when we feel lost. I guess my point is here that it pays to learn where our boundaries are in every sense that you can make of that sentence. 

Everything in interconnected so ultimately boundaries are an illusion but it is the illusion that helps us to learn what we came here to learn. The illusion of separateness that is. The boundary I'm trying to define is something that prevents us from stepping off a ledge before we are ready to fly. Forgive me, I am still learning and trying to assimilate this concept that I've been chewing on. Time to give it a rest and go do some laundry. Thanks for listening.