I ate eleven different things today, a bowl of gf cereal, a protein bar, an apple, a chocolate peanut butter bar, a cheese stick, a few crackers,  a couple scoops of goat cheese, too much nettle pesto, a whole cucumber, handfuls of chocolate sun drops & some peppermints. Now all that tasty yet pungent garlic in the nettle pesto is stuck on my breath and my sphincter is releasing some seriously noxious fumes during this digestive process. (I love my body.) Today was a busy day, I ate, I drove, I worked, I played, I cleaned, I talked, I yawned, I tweeted, I sang, I farted and I wrote. Well, I'm writing now and that's the 11th thing I have done today so far. There are still way more than Eleven items left on my task list and so many ideas spinning around in my head. The clock is ticking once again and my energy is waning. I have been up since 6am and it's almost time for tea. I'm fading fast yet I just couldn't help thinking about the numbers once again.

Specifically, Eleven and ones, so many ones, each thing is one thing and they all add up. Then depending on how you look at it eleven equals two. One plus One. Back two basics, eleven has been a powerful number for me and it all started with 11:11. Always seeing 11:11. I knew it meant something but what? Two plus two is Four? 11 plus 11 is 22, 2 plus 2 is 4. Four Ones. Four ones I see all the time in many different shapes and forms.

My life path number is 11- Based off my birth-date. My birth-name equals 22 in numerology. Once again, the ones and the twos and the elevens all are adding up. The numbers have meaning, we use numbers in numerous ways multiple times each and every day. Today is the 22nd of March. Twenty two days so far in this month and the additional impact of seeing repeating number sequences has me counting on the fact that this life is way more than it seems.  Careful calculations leading me back to my roots and seeing that everything is truly interconnected and mathematically equated.

Rambling Joygirl. I had my tea and now its time for bed. I wish you all sweet dreams and happy thoughts.