Leap Day

 Leap Day  February 29th, 2016 is the accumulation of excess time during the past four years that have to be put somewhere to keep our calendars accurate over the long-term. The rotation of the earth in relation to the sun, moon and stars is all a mathematical equation that had been calculated repeatedly and refined as observations create more data. 

Apparently eventually there will no need for a Leap year when every year will be 366 days long. That means time is actually slowing down by microseconds even though it feels as if it is speeding up. Perceptions of experience are as vast as the ever expanding universe we find our eyes witnessing in the myriad ways we pay attention. Infinite potential is ultimately defined by numbers and can be calculated and refined by sequences like the one Fibonacci brought to light. 

Which means if all of creation is a mathematical equation then it's our perception that creates the magic. How we view the sequences of numbers and manipulate them into explanations of what we see is truly a fascinating concept. Just imagine the possibility.