Time for a little tweet-ness to change up the standard photo + text blogging I do. Living and learning the online way of social media interconnectedness. Linking my belief system with a greater network in hopes that what I believe becomes truth. A little bird told me an agent and a publisher are looking for me. It was actually a hummingbird that kept making that tweet sound until I paid enough attention and listened to the message behind the feathered beak speak. I am thankful to that tiny beautiful creature for the reminder to write this.

To the person, people or organization that is looking for me:

Hi, I'm so happy that you have stumbled upon my blog. I'm working on improvements and hope that you will bear with me during the building phase of this creative process. I assure you it will be worth the time and effort it takes to make this relationship successful for everyone involved. I'm looking forward to establishing a contract and having a better sense of direction and more connections than I could establish on my own. I appreciate the support and knowledge that we have to offer each other. I'm truly excited to meet you and begin to our journey together. Thank you for finding me and letting me know the next step.


Joy Love