Beetle Juju

imageWhile walking under the clear starry skies with the newly waxing moon last night I crossed the path of this beetle and paused for a moment. Jupiter and Sirius were twinkling and the sun-lit crescent of the moon glowed orange toward the horizon with the shadow-side a luminescent perfect circle in contrast to the crisp clear indigo sky. The late winter evening air scented with Bellingham bay saltwater and fresh green buds ready to bust open and bloom with the nearness of spring time. My ever expanding awareness that this life is actually an amazing dream and I am lucky to be alive. Choosing to believe more and more each day that I am the artist painting this picture of me & my world in each moment. Appreciating the opportunity to experience life with these eyes and love with this heart in this universe on this planet we call earth that is so full of magic. All we have to do is look and we can see all the wonderful creations of nature, the divine design, including the black beetle. A living being doing his beetle thing with the full spectrum shimmering as the flash from my camera strikes his body, the protective shell on his back dotted with constellations resembling the sky above. Contemplating me from that perspective I imagine the long, sensitive antenna picking up the vibrations of my human body. Extra sensory perceptions of light and frequencies. What is our purpose dear beetle, why have our paths crossed on this lovely evening? A creature so small and often easily overlooked has left an big lasting impression on me and I wonder... How did I get to be so lucky? I feel so fortunate to be who I am and where I am in this lifetime. I feel so thankful and so grateful to be so blessed in so many ways-beyond words. I want to share, I want to inspire, I want other people to feel the joy of being alive, to believe in themselves and believe in the power we each have to paint our own pictures, to create our own realities and to share them with each other. I sometimes feel like that beetle, so small, so easily overlooked (and lucky I didn't get stepped on in the twilight), but I think, if that beetle caught my attention and made a difference in my world, then maybe, just maybe, no matter how small or insignificant (or insecure) I may feel sometimes, I can make a difference in this world.

We are all connected and I believe this is our purpose, to move beyond the pain and sadness, to get past the illusions, to stop creating things we don't want and to start to enjoy this physical reality of life to its fullest most beautiful potential.  Love is the answer. You have to believe it to see it.