Who & Why

Blogging 101: Who I am and why I'm here... I guess this will be my 11th post, I just received an e-mail letting me know my blog is now public and search engines can find me. A while ago I signed up for the Blogging 101 online course and it has just started... During SuperBowl 50- Panthers vs Broncos. I'm at house I've never been to before with a bunch people I just met sitting in a prime seat- a very comfy chair right next to the big screen and I feel a wee bit guilty using this plush space to fulfill my 1st official blog assignment. I'm still paying attention to the game and the excitement in the house is audible. Halftime show is next with Coldplay but that's not what this blog post is supposed to be about. That's just a description  of the environment I find myself in and a sign of the dedication/commitment I have made to writing. Sounds like Jell-O shots are going on in the background. Once again I must focus on the task at hand. Realizing more and more the only time I have is now if I want to do something I must not wait or put if off until later because something else is always going to be happening as well.

I am a writer searching for a pathway to express myself and share these words that I hope will convey some deep meaning I have yet to understand. More than a writer I am a woman in my 30's with a mission to understand my true sole purpose for this lifetime. The flower of life is the new icon for Coldplay which is extremely fitting as its flashing all over and is the stage for the halftime show. To explain the details of my discovery of the flower of life would be another blog post entirely but let's go with just another synchronistic moment in the flow of my life. Paradise, I'm alive again, rainbows and flowers, wow. The words of this song are so appropriate as well.

This brings me to the why I am writing this blog- to uncover & share the answers. I am seeking understanding of the obscure ways the universe works. This planet we live on is so amazingly beautiful, the experiences we can have and share, our capacity for creation, for love. "Believe in Love" was just the message in the stands at the end of the halftime show. Does anybody else see the reality that I see or is it just because of what I believe? Where do the boundaries blur and the lines cross. This is why I write. To seek and to share vision, experience and love for this human experience.