Pure Love

Purely The only constant is change. Even though it can be hard to let go sometimes, with change comes opportunity and even the ability to start over. We can recreate ourselves in each moment if we choose to do so just by shifting our awareness. When we pay attention to our inner world, to our instincts and take action based on the truth we feel in our hearts absolutely anything is possible. My eyes have been opened, my mind has been set free from what I used to believe and my heart is bursting with love. I am finally listening to the wisdom that resides in the depths of my being. The universe is incredibly accommodating in showing us signs to confirm our inner knowing when we are open to its potential. I'm am eternally grateful to have discovered this amazing reality. "You have to believe it to see it."

The symbolism of this beautiful bouquet of flowers I recently received is just another confirmation of what my heart already knows. The color white suggests purity, innocence and  new beginnings while the cleansing, healing power of white is limitless. We each have the chance to start over with a blank canvas and can choose paint a new picture of our ourselves and how we want to see the world. I hit the reset button on my life and my canvas was blank only short time ago. Yet already I have started to create the most beautiful life I had never dreamed was truly an option. Listening to my heart has opened my mind and increased my awareness of who I am, who I want to be and how I want to live. As the sun's warmth is streaming through the window and brightening my world I breathe in the scent of these incredible white flowers on the table next to me. The simple actions we take in our everyday lives can mean so much to the people we interact with. These were a gift of Pure Love and I'm am so incredibly Thankful for the person who gave them to me. I wish I had the words to convey how truly blessed I feel.