Feel the love! Thank you! I am so very Thankful (Even with this terrible hangover). I'm so grateful that my body will eventually forgive me for abusing it like I did yesterday. I'm thankful for the sudden realization that this behavior is no longer necessary. I'm finished trying to numb the pain, I'm done drowning out the hurtful words and actions. I no longer accept that as reality. It's quite simple actually to remember now how it feels and know how to change. No more self-medicating, no more excuses, no more wasting time. The only constant is change. Today is a new day.

Today I am going to embody this grateful attitude. I am bursting with Gratitude. I sincerely appreciate all the magic and love I feel from this lifetime. Learning & growing & experiencing, what a fabulous time it is to be alive! I'm so happy to be me, to have so many wonderful people in my life. This universe is amazing and I want to share my Joy. Today I wish for everyone to experience the magic of feeling good, of listening to our hearts and opening our eyes to the beauty that exists when we pay attention to it. It's within our grasp in each and every moment when we believe. Thank you for opening my eyes, for believing in me, for loving me without question even when I question myself. This world is amazing, I'm so truly thankful and I hope to continue to live with gratitude for each and every moment.