Coyote Encounter

Coyote startled me when she crossed my path today, I saw her from a distance in the center of the road and she waited until I was close enough to take this picture to disappear into someone's side yard. I could have easily written this off as a chance encounter but part of me knew that was  highly unlikely. It was definetly some kind of sign but what did it mean? What was Coyote trying to tell me? She looked a little roughed up but was moving with soild purpose in the direction of cover. What was she doing in the middle of that neighborhood, in the middle of the road directly in front of me? She must have felt that it was important to take such a risk and be so exposed at that time of day. I believe that animals and their spirits are strong messengers if we pay attention to the wisdom they offer. As I delve deeper into the symbolism associated with this animal's spirit I am shocked it could be so relevant to my life in this moment. Thank you Coyote for opening my eyes today. Coyote Close