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Theres me with the camera around my neck at Marymere Falls, May 2016


Hire me! I love to take photos!!! I'm totally flexible and highly versatile. Need a photographer at your wedding? Maybe you want some images for your website? Possibly you want photos of your family but they refuse to go to a studio? Maybe your sponsor wants pictures of you doing the things you love? I can swim, sail, bike, run, hike or drive to get the images you want where you want them. Need a creative twist, I've got all kinds of ideas. I have rates to fit everyone's budget because this is what I love to do! Please let me help you capture the moments of your life. Contact me for more information. Thank You!

Nikon D3300

Gallery Coming soon... I love to hike and have been to some amazing places I want to share with you. Taking pictures is easy, editing them so you won't get bored while browsing is a different story. I'll be doing my best to share only the best of the best images here. Or course with 24.2 megapixel images it's probably better to keep it limited to a small quantity of quality shots anyway.

Classic Shuksan from Picture Lake, August 2016

Hey look! It's Doug at Fragrance Lake overlook.

Iphone 6

Gallery... Yes, my phone is my constant companion and it takes great photos as well.