Green Mountain Dancer.jpg

I love Yoga! 

Not only do I love yoga and practice it in random places like on a rock near the summit of Green Mountain, my most favorite way to practice yoga is in an insanely HOT and humid room!!! It seems crazy and sometimes during a hot yoga class I wonder what the heck I'm doing there but afterward (as long as I drink enough water) my body, mind and spirit feel so wonderful. 

So I started off practicing at the only place in Anacortes to offer such a thing, in a small space downtown called Studio 1010. After I moved up to Bellingham and tried a few different places, my favorite is now Elements Hot Yoga which is quite a large space with plenty of talented instructors as well as scheduling options and types of classes offered. It also just happens to be right next door to Simply Spirit Reading and Healing Center where I completed a year long Clairvoyant Training Program.