I LOVE Music!!!

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer... when I was a teenager I wanted to be a Rockstar and now... I just love music. I played keyboard and sang in choir when I was young, then I sang a Paula Abdul song (it was popular in the 80's) in a talent show in front of the whole Meridian School community (embarrassing). Then I got a Harmony acoustic guitar for my 16th Birthday and I'm still learning how to play it. I sing all the time to songs on the radio and I make stuff up out of thin air, sometimes I even write the good stuff down!

I've played drums on occasion- I own two Djembes, I enjoy breathing deep with my bamboo Didgeridoo, I have a keyboard (again), my electric guitar is covered in glitter and I call her Ruby (partly because I was taking guitar lessons for a while on Tuesdays) and my most recent obsession is the Ukulele. Oh and I'm now a back-up singer/dancer in a band called the Joanie Johnnie Show.