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All kinds of art, from finger painting to sketching to sculpting with clay to paint dancing. Acrylic on canvas  are my favorite but watercolors have also warmed my heart with their fluidity. I'm working on a gallery with listings for sale. I need to sell some art to make room for more. I'm totally flexible when it comes to price so don't hesitate to contact me direct and make an offer if you see something you'd love to have.

I also dabble in Graphic design, currently I use Affinity Designer and Adobe Photoshop. I enjoy the #Prisma app and Typorama for social media postings. I used #Typorama for all of the info squares on my interests page. I love that there's an app for almost everything these days. 

Stormy Salish Seas
888.00 1,111.00

This piece speaks of those days when the wind blows the water into a frothy mass of wild waves where the orcas play as the seagulls fly overhead and the seals emerge to check the scene. I built the frame and stretched the canvas myself with high quality materials using recycled outdoor latex house paint. The texture runs deep as this was a long term project made for withstanding the elements being displayed outside.

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Creature Comforts
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This is the cover of the first Children's book I had published called Spy Hopping. It reminds me of all the wildlife and the sunsets that happen here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Wild Washington Coast
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If you have been to the wild coast of Washington State then you know this is a classic scene. Take a moment to imagine the smell of the salty air as you hear the waves crashing along the shore as twilight sets in.

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Bob Ross Special

This is one of my favorite paintings that I created while watching a Bob Ross video from the library over 10 years ago. I thought it turned out better than his at the time however I know I couldn't have done it with out his teaching skills, I even signed in red. Thanks Bob for being such a great teacher and such an inspiration to so many aspiring artists.

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