Eleven Northwest was founded by Joy Love in 2016. This business continues to evolve as the journey of this lifetime unfolds and since the only constant is change, this about page is about to change too.


Eleven NW is about much more than it's creator, it's about more than just me seeing 11:11 frequently, it's about more than believing that our thoughts do actually become tangible things.

It's about inspiring others to believe that Peace is possible, inspiring people to take their power back and to help us create a future that we all would like to see.

This about page previously had something written about me but what I hope to achieve here is not about me, it's about all of us here on earth.

It's about waking up humankind.

11:11 is like binary code for "all systems go" as our physical reality is created by digital coding. The awakening of the mind along with the evolution of consciousness is activated by these seemingly simple codes.

In the binary world 0 is off and 1 is on therefore when you see 11:11 it means it's on!  It's like a jump start for activating the innate cellular memory of our true spiritual purpose here on earth.

As we begin to remember that the dualistic nature of our world is an illusion we reawaken to the real energy world of One-ness where everything is inextricably linked.


Please contact me (Joy Love) if you have any questions.


Thank you.


Kulshan (Mount Baker) from the Lake Ann Trail, August 2016