Eleven NW

It’s about time! 11:11

Eleven Northwest was founded by Joy Love in 2016. This business continues to evolve as the journey of this lifetime unfolds and since the only constant is change. Eleven NW is about more than its creator, it's about believing that our thoughts do actually become tangible things.

11:11 is like binary code for "all systems go" as our physical reality is created by a form of digital coding. The awakening of the mind along with the evolution of consciousness is activated by these seemingly simple codes. 

In the binary world 0 is off and 1 is on therefore when you see 11:11 it means it's on!  A jump start for activating the innate cellular memory of our true spiritual purpose here on earth. The time that helps us remember that the dualistic nature of our world is an illusion as we reawaken to the real energy world of One-ness where everything is inextricably linked.

Kulshan (Mount Baker) from the Lake Ann Trail, August 2016

“The 11NW logo contains the time that eventually woke me up to something greater than I was previously aware of. I had been seeing 11:11 almost daily and in random places at random moments that seemed to create some sort of pattern over the years.  After a while I could no longer ignore it and my research uncovered all sorts of theories and beliefs about the meaning of 11:11. I discovered that I am not alone in thinking that it has special meaning and have since learned more about the vast world of numerology. One day it suddenly made sense that seeing 11:11, 111 and 11 frequently was more than just a coincidence. According to numerology Eleven is my life path number (which is calculated by birthdate) and apparently 11 is a master number associated with highly intuitive people with a strong connection to spirit. Discovering this was another one of those ah-ha moments where I felt as if finally I had a good reason to feel so strange sometimes.  It also made me realize that my life has a definite purpose and I better get to work even if it means changing everything by stepping into unknown territory. 

Ayla Joy Love- That’s me, holding a heart I made out of hoop materials.

Photo by Mark Goodman.

People call me by my middle name which was given to me at birth. I changed my last name after getting married and changed my first and last name after getting divorced. Never being a big fan of my first name, I've been going by Joy since I first found out that it was an option which was just about the time I graduated from high school. When filing divorce paperwork at the beginning of 2016 I was told that whatever I put down on one little line would be my new full legal name. I was super excited!!! No longer would people at the bank look at my identification card and call me something that made me cringe (my original first name). I wanted to keep the Joy as my middle name so I chose the name Ayla Joy Love.  Ayla (I pronounce it 'eye-lah') is a Turkish name which means "halo of light" around the moon (or the sun). I still go by my middle name and when I sign up for events I just put down Joy Love and it's fun to see the looks on people faces when they read those words. I only hope to embody the meaning of the name by being a halo of light, spreading happiness, joy and love everyday in the world and in my hometown.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and there are so many reasons I am thankful to have been born in Bellingham. The Northwest corner of Washington State is the ultimate playground for nature enthusiasts with lush forests, protected waters and temperate conditions.  The name of this business is based on my life path number and where I live but I've realized that what I hope to create here is so much greater than me.  This is truly about more than just this amazing part of the earth where I live, it's about the incredible interconnectedness of all life in the entire universe.   We are all engineering our own destinies one choice at a time and we each have the power to choose to believe in what we want to see.  I finally feel strong enough to take full responsibility for creating my reality and I hope to empower you to do the same".” -Ayla Joy Love

Please contact me (Joy Love) if you have any questions.


Thank you.